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Automatic frozen french fries production machine Name:Automatic frozen french fries production machine
The French fries production line produced by Taize can produce French fries and potato chips. The frozen French fries production line has semi-automatic and fully automatic models. Its production output can reach 50kg/h~2t/h. At present, Taize French fries production equipment has been operated in Turkey, Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, and other countries and received good feedback from customers. The processing technology of the frozen French fries production line: potato cleaning and peeling-cutting-rinsing-blanching-shaking and draining-frying-draining (air-drying)-mixing material-weighing and packaging. 1. Peeling: The potatoes are cleaned and peeled by a potato cleaning and peeling machine. 2. Cutting: The peeled potatoes are cut into fries by a high-speed fries cutting machine. 3. Rinse: The cut French fries enter the ozone detoxification vegetable washing machine to rinse the mucus on the surface. 4. Blanching: The cleaned French fries are blanched in the blanching machine to passivate the oxidase in the fries, prevent color deterioration, and increase dehydration. 5. Shaking and draining: The blanched French fries enter the shaking and draining machine to remove excess water. 6. Frying: The French fries after dewatering are sent to the fryer for frying by the lifting conveyor. 7. Oil draining (air-drying and lifting): The fried French fries are drained by an air-drying hoist, and then sent to the mixing machine for seasoning. 8. Mixing material: The mixing machine has an inclined seasoning drum, which automatically controls the speed and material capacity, and is equipped with an automatic powder feeding device, which can adjust the size of the powder feeding, and fully mix the French fries and the seasoning powder. 9. Weighing and packaging: The flavored French fries are sent to the packaging machine by the lifting conveyor belt for vacuum packaging or ordinary packaging. If necessary, a weighing mechanism can be installed. The French fries production line is the ideal equipment to realize the automatic and semi-automatic assembly line operation in the workshop and between the workshop and the workshop at an ideal speed according to the user's reasonable process line. As a professional French fries production line manufacturer, we can reasonably plan the placement of the machine according to the customer's production workshop.
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