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Advertisement publication

There are two advertising types: paying members, web banner advertisement.

A. Member Services:

2.Silver Member

2.1.1.      Annual Fee: $USD 833.3 per year

2.1.2.   Have your very own corporate website: on your web page, you will have   silver plate logo on top of your web page, to differentiate yourself from the  crowd, and you will also have a backend management panel.

2.1.3   Product information: You could post 50 products with key word, specification, price, introduction and picture.

2.1.4   Supply-demand messages: You could post 50 supply-demand messages including buying, supply, cooperation, negotiating information.

2.1.5   Company news: You could post 20 press releases of your company, and  one of them will appear on the homepage.

2.1.6   Hiring Information: You could post 10 hiring information of your company    and one of them will appear on the homepage.

2.1.7   Three editions for choosing: You can transform the style of space page as  you wish by your management backstage.

2.1.8    Please bring your information into the Industry Buyer’s Guide: Bring your company information into our Packing & Food Industry Buyer’s Guide, and issue out the magazine on the related exhibition.

2.1.9    Recommendation & market condition: You could both recommend two products and two supply-demand messages on the product catalogue and  Supply-Demand Unit.

2.1.10  Permanent exhibition: Your products will be shown permanently by surfing  our website.

2.1.11  Submit information to Yahoo, Google: We would submit your firm  information to Yahoo, Google, Baidu as the priority, and make the search engine to search for your firm product as soon as possible

3.        General Member 

3.1.1.      3.1.1 Annual Fee: Free

3.1.2.      Related Common Function: There are only two news ( about Product, Supply-Demand Classified, corporate news ) to upload. Be unable to upload the corporate videos, product videos and change the style of space page.

B.Banner Advertisement

Because the banner advertisements are many kinds. Therefore, if you are interested in posting banner advertisements, please contact us, we will send the details to you. 

If your have any advertisement demands, please contact with us, we will make and provide different kinds of preferential benefit plan for you and do our best to provide the best service.



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