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User's Guide

User Manual

All purchasers / manufacturers must sign up in advance to publish product and company information, supply and demand (including cooperation and transfer), articles, or make contact with other manufacturers, etc. on our forum.

Registration Process:

Go top of front page and click “Sign up Now”.

2. Follow the indication and complete registration.

(Remark: numbers of your password must be more than 4 characters, including alphabets or numbers)

3. After registration completed, page will turn to control panel of shop belongs to your company on Foodsourcing.com. Mark “” means items which are necessarily filled and will indicate you to complete filling steps to publish information, including supply and demand, products, presses, job opportunities and album of company, etc.

4. Once all the necessary information submitted, click toolbar on the left of the page and go check company’s homepage.

Remark 1: Your account will be automatically recognized by three language versions on Foodsourcing.com after singing up. No extra registration is required. However, products information could be uploaded only when you are log-in. And products information in English could be updated only when you log in virtual office in English version.

Remark 2: After registration completed, you are able to publish two products, two inquiries, and two presses while function of video uploading is shut-down. If you would like to get more benefits, considering being our Golden or Silver member. For more details, please click “Advertisement”.

If you got any problem during applying for being member, you could contact us by mail or online service system on the upper right of the page.

Unit Introduction

1. Product Catalogue:
Products are classified in main categories and subcategories. Similar products could be overviewed in the main categories. The same sort of products could be overviewed in the subcategories.

2. Supply/Demand Classified: This is similar to Product Catalogue. Information of all supply and demand (includes cooperation and transfer) will show up in main categories. If you want to search for certain sort of supply/demand information, just click the subcategory links. This means all the trading information will show up on page “Classified” at once. Please click link of each subcategory mark as “BUY”, “SELL”, “CO-OP” or “Give Away” to search for different information you need.

3. Company List: Main category of “Food Industries.” Information of certain manufacturers/suppliers would show up in the subcategories.

4. Food Information: Including 10 different units of articles/press for you to know more about food industry.

5. Exhibition: Information of international exhibition of food and beverage. All the information of exhibition here is listed in order of time line. The latest information of exhibition will show on the top. Users could search by venues of exhibitions also.

6. Virtual Office: Control panel for members to upload or update company information.

7. ★★★: Community for users to publish new articles or raise questions (Members only).

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