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Engineered ingenuity multiplies multipack options

From:Packaging Digest

Transverse-direction tear strip makes it easy to remove and access all containers in a multipack


Delkor’s IDS/Process Expo booth displayed multiple multipack variations that improve efficiency and convenience for packaging operations and packages to benefit packagers, retailers and consumers. 

The Delkor Systems Inc. booth at the International Dairy Show/Process Expo held last week packed a “multipack” of package design ingenuity into a modest space where four innovative options were featured.

One of these options (available in Q1) is KwikCool, which optimizes in-plant chilling for dairies and other operations by creating large registered-cut openings in shrink-wrapped multipacks of perishable foods (shown below). This permits product-chilling air to efficiently circulate through the multipacks to increase efficiency and reduce cooling times by 20 to 30%.

While that application seems cool enough, that same module can produce an “Easy Tear” strip for multipacks (shown at the top) that notably makes the perforations in the film in the cross-direction. Unlike standard machine-direction perforations that open across the short length of multipacks, the transverse-direction perforations permit a clean, full-length tear-off of the film the length of the package to provide full access to the containers inside. So notes Rick Gessler, the company’s director of marketing and strategic account management. The patent-pending innovation is in beta test, Gessler says.


‘Two for one’ specials

Another development was “two for one” film-wrapped multipacks. In this package two or more trays are combined with a single protective top pad and shrink bundled together (shown below). At the store, the film and pad are removed and the trays are separated to provide twice the facings with about half the labor.

Delkor's patented Twin-Wrap shipper provides two shelf displays from a single shipper.


The idea seems to play off the retail-ready, patents-pending Cabrio case format for flexible packaging that’s more recently been available in twin packs wherein two Cabrio cases are affixed together by a spot glue application and integrated with a single lid. When the lid is removed at retail, the side-by-side cases can be separated into two displays.

According to Gessler, the “one shipper, two displays” format of Cabrio Case has proven high popular for customers like Walmart for twin packs of cased Great Value pouches of shredded cheese. He estimates that currently Cabrio Cases are being produced at a rate of 50 million cases per year for retailers such as Walmart, Aldi, Dollar General & numerous others and across four categories: Snack foods, dressings  and sauces, refrigerated foods and frozen foods.

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