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ITC claims sandwich packaging breakthrough



Spanish catering firm Gastro Lunch has linked up with ITC Packaging to launch a range of sandwiches packaged using injected



The thin-wall packs weigh under 0.45mm and, according to ITC, have been designed to reduce weight, costs and raw material usage. The design has also been “optimised to ensure perfect stacking and a high level of resistance”.


The brand is called Ñaming and the packs have been finished using IML decoration. ITC Packaging has claimed that this is the first sándwich pack launched with thin-wall technology in injected PP and IML decoration.



Jorge Miranda director general of Gastro Lunch said: “ITC’s development of this new pack for our classic sandwich was a qualitative leap forward, very important for our image and giving us the chance to stand out from the pack in a highly fragmented market. So we continue to be leaders in the sandwich trade in Spain, thanks to the wide acceptance of our Ñaming brand.”


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