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Chrome Polishing for Gravure Cylinder Chrome Surface Finishing Machine Sand Belt Rotogravure Chrome Name:Chrome Polishing for Gravure Cylinder Chrome Surface Finishing Machine Sand Belt Rotogravure Chrome
Chrome polishing machine is designed for polishing process on chrome layer of the gravure cylinders to achieve the smoothness and brightness of the net grains. It is PLC controlled with touchable screen via frequency convertors and contactors either manually or automatically. When automatically operation it can avoid artificial failure and guarantee production stability and products' quality. Main Technical Parameters: Cylinder Diameter: Φ90-350mm Cylinder Length: 300-1400mm Cylinder rotation speed: 50-350rpm Polishing head to-and-fro-speed: 400-700mm/min Polishing head forward speed: 350-400mm/min Main shaft rotation speed: 20-80rpm Polishing head oscillation frequency: 10-35hz Tailstock movement speed: 1100-1200mm/min Customer Responsibility: 380/440V AC,3 Phase; Air compressor The parameters can be adjusted as customer requires FEATURES: 1. Easy operation Centralized operation panel, pressure display, roller rotating speed display, polishing head reciprocal times display. Operator can set up and regulate parameter. 2. Effectual polishing To meet the challenge of different technical vibration, polishing head adopts constant torque electron electrode less variable-speed, pneumatic control, cylinder push, panel governor valve regulate. High accuracy spindle and bearing ensure stationary spindle rotation, high rotary precision, frequency conversion electrode less variable-speed. 3. Save shaft material Tape feed motor adopts constant torque electrode less variable-speed motor and reduction ratio motor, ensure polishing belt speed can inherent regulation between 2mm/min to 30mm/min. 4. High automatic complete appliance complete appliance adopts Mitsubishi PLC control, to achieve complete appliance automatic control. Transducer adopts Fuji transducer, increase the service life of complete appliance.
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