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Top Quality 750mm Blown LLDPE Machine Use Agricultural Silage Wrapping Film Name:Top Quality 750mm Blown LLDPE Machine Use Agricultural Silage Wrapping Film
About Wrap Stretch Film: Silage stretch film is a kind of agricultural film used in agriculture for protecting and storaging silage,hay and maize straw in areas where the growth period of plants is relatively short. Bundling of silage using sticky films helps in transportation and delivery. Silage stretch films act as isolation layer for keeping the forage under an optimum humidity condition to facilitate anaerobic fermentation. Applications of Wrap Stretch Film: The goal of silage making is to conserve and store crop nutrients using lactic acid bacteria to ensure rapid fermentation under air free conditions and to minimise losses from harvesting til feeding. Whatever the system is, the ensiling and storage system's main functions are to exclude air during the ensiling process during the storage. Specifications of Silage Wrap Film: 1. Thickness : 25mic or as customer's request 2. Width : 250mm/500mm/750mm 3. Length : 1500m/1800m 4. Colour : opaque, white, black, green 5. Paper core : 3''/76mm 6. Packing : bag, cartons, pallet (as your request) 7. Viscous :single stick or double-sided adhesive , high viscosity Features of Silage Wrap Film: 1.PIB liquid makes the surface rather sticky and the layers are well jointed, thus forming an oxygen-detested environment inside the package. 2.Strong strength including stretch, tear resistance and puncture resistance. With no damages while stored in an oxygen-detested environment. 3.The film is very flexible and low-temperature resistance with no breaks caused by being crisp and frozen. 4.Non-transparence,low light-through rate, avoiding heat accumulation. 5.Long usage period and the grass bundle packed with silage film can be stored outside for one to two years. Advantage of Silage Wrap Film: 1.Low cost and quick return. 2.The forage quality packed with silage film is rather good with high robust protein content, low robust fiber content, high digestibility and good taste. This highly improves the quality and output of flesh and milk. 3.Low waste since the fungus deterioration and feed waste have been greatly decreased. 4.Long storage period in one to two years. 5.Can be piled outside regardless of season changes,sunshine,rainfall etc. 6.Easy store and easy feeding. 7.Easy transportation and sale. The used film can be recycled and improves the environment quality. There is no liquid penetration underground. 8. Eco-friendly, economical, meet ROHS,SGS stardand
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