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Product Description 
Through-circulation Dryer Name:Through-circulation Dryer
Drying for powder, granule, fine granule, long granule, pellet which contains moisture until get required content of moisture.
The drying product is placed on the drying tray which are made of special screen or punched hole plate. The drying tray is placed in the active trolley which has several layers, hot air pierces into the product vertically and removes moisture by special guide flow design to get the drying purpose. 
Drying for pharmaceutical, Chinese herbal medicine, Health food, any kind of chemical wet granule and powder.
1.Hot air pierces into the product and removes moisture quickly to get highly efficient. 
2.Large air volume, short time, the drying rate is 2 ~ 4 times faster than the conventional dryer. 3.Temperature is uniform in each tray, no need to change position of the product during drying process. 
4.The product is pierced drying by hot air within the same time, no color difference. 
5.The moveable trolley can move up and down also easy cleaning.
6.All the design and manufacture are qualified cGMP standard and FDA requirement.
 Flowchart ( Click to see larger image )
点选可看大图 1.Drying Chamber
2.Drying Trolley
3.Drying Tray
4.Circulation Fan
5.Heat Exchanger
6.Control Pancl
7.Fresh Air Inlet
8.Exhaust Damper


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