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Product Description 
Super Mixer Granulator Name:Super Mixer Granulator

▲ Function
Mixing: powder and powder.
Granulation: powder and binder solution.

Inside the cone-shaped vessel, the main impeller mix the powder into fluidized vortex and form
lumps with the cinder solution. then the high speed chopper cut the lumps into even granules
by high speed action.

Bio-tech / Pharmaceutical: powder mixing and granulating before tabletting.
Chinese Medicine: powder and soakage plaster mixing.
Food: seasoning mixing and granulating.
.Chemical material mixing and granulating.
.Electronic metal powder mixing and granulating.
.Plastic powder mixing and granulating.

1.High uniformity, very different proportion also can uniformly mixing.
2.Short mixing time, about 5 ~ 10 min/batch finished.
3.Good tightness, use air bag to clamp the cover.
4.Unique air seal system, a filtered compressed air is introduced into the air seal system.
   It prevents the powder fall into shaft and chopper, which may cause black spot and pollute
   the product.
5.Pneumatic discharge, good tightness, easy operation and cleaning.
6.The clearance between impeller and bottom is very thin, therefore no dead angels and less
7.Multi safety interlock device, high safety.
8.Optional equipment for different product feature.
9.Multi functions of mixing, granulating and drying can produce hormone or anti-cancer medicine.

10.All the design and manufacture are qualified cGMP standard and FDA requirement. 

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