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CPRE calls for ‘all-in’ deposit return system to collect ‘every’ drinks can and bottle

From: Packaging News

The Campaign to Protect Rural England has urged the government to support an ‘all-in’ deposit return system.

Canary Wharf London DRS

The model collects every drinks can and bottle.

The CPRA highlighted archived transcripts which showed that a  Beverage Container Bill in 1981 was rejected with an understanding that the industry would self-regulate and deal with its waste – which effectively closed the DRS debate for decades.

Last year the packaging industry paid £73m towards the £1 billion clean-up costs of dealing with their products, while tax payers covered the rest of the costs.

Samantha Harding, litter programme director at CPRE, said: “Over the past 40 years the evidence of the benefits of deposit return systems has only got stronger. Depressingly, parts of industry are still making the same false claims and empty promises in an attempt to thwart its introduction, or limit what it includes.

“By introducing a deposit system that accepts and collects every single can and bottle, Michael Gove has a golden opportunity to end growing scepticism around current recycling methods by boosting recycling rates of drinks cans and bottles to near perfection. This would make such a difference to the health of our environment and relieve struggling local councils of the huge financial burden of waste management by making those who produce these vast amounts of packaging rightfully liable for the costs of dealing with it. We cannot let history repeat itself on deposits for cans and bottles.”

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