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Sustainability centre stage at Cosmetics Business Packaging Live
From:Packaging News

The need to prioritise sustainability in the cosmetics industry was the key theme at the inaugural Cosmetics Business Packaging Live conference in Barcelona last week (8-9 October).

Federica Cionci project coordinator at Control Union UK

Federica Cionci, project coordinator at Control Union UK, presented a sustainability seminar at the two-day event and says the take-home message was that sustainability must now influence all choices in the cosmetics industry.

In particular, she said plastic was the undisputed point of discussion. “Research into innovative materials that could replace plastic is an exciting prospect for the industry and will significantly reduce threats to public health and the environment.

“Alongside this, ways to recycle existing plastic to re-use its useful properties and avoid producing new plastic was discussed.”

Cionci spoke to delegates at the event about sustainability certifications and how they are useful to verify and communicate achievements in sustainability.

“Sustainability certifications are tangible tools available to organisations which provide independent verification that products, packaging and/or processes are sustainable. Authentic certification is also a valuable marketing tool – offering a recognisable stamp of approval to consumers seeking more sustainable products.”

One example Cionci gave during the seminar was A Plastic Planet’s Plastic Free Trust Mark, which Control Union recently began certifying. “The Plastic Free Trust Mark has been adopted by numerous brands, including teapigs, Percol and PieMinister, to demonstrate to consumers their products and packaging are 100% plastic-free.

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