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Product Description 
SP-801AFull Auto Carton Verticail Forming Name:SP-801AFull Auto Carton Verticail Forming


  • 真空帮浦,强力吸盘,吸出成型
  • 操作容易调整简单
  • 体积轻巧,占空间小
  • 适合各式软硬纸箱
  • 可随时补充纸箱(最新)专利中
  • 使用人机界面操控容易
  • 机械尺寸:2270 x 1600 x 1650 mm
  • 纸箱尺寸:Min -350 x 280 x120 mm / Max -600 x 400 x 350 mm


  • vacuum pump, strong suction Cup, forming
  • easy operation
  • light volume
  • suitable for any kind of soft or hard carton.
  • replenish carton anytime (newest)
  • Human/Computer easy-use interface
  • Machine size: 2270X1600X1650mm
  • Carton Cap.: Min -350X280X120mm / Max -600X400X350mm






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