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AirBag Packing

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Product Description
Product Comparison Name:Product Comparison

Compared to existing packing materials, AIRBAG is able to offer the following advantages: Each AIRBAG cushion is 99% air and 1% cellophane and is stored and shipped flat which reduces transportation costs. Under most conditions, using AIRBAG cushions can reduce packing costs by 20-40%.

Used either as a void fill or buffer, the AIRBAG cushion offers maximum protection. Compared to other packing materials, AIRBAG is able to prevent damage caused by movements during transportation because of its unique ability to conform to the shape of the packaged object. AIRBAG cushions are ready-made to be inflated only when needed hence, it uses minimal storage space.

The AIRBAG cushions are fully recyclable and environmental friendly even if discarded or incinerated. AIRBAG cushions use materials that are non-toxic and maintains an environmental friendly production process. The AIRBAG cushion is rupture-proof and has excellent buffering capabilities, it is able to withstand up to 1.5 tons of pressure.

Transport product when using traditional packaging such as Styrofoam

Transport product when using AIRBAG

AIRBAG reduces the distribution cost by minimizing the carton box.

When stored by traditional packaging such as Styrofoam

When stored by AIRBAG
AIRBAG saves storage space because it is totally flat before inflates


Packing Material
Pulp Mold
Totally flat before inflate
Saving Space
Smaller storage Space
Huge storage space
Humidity Resistance
Humidity resistance
water proof
No humidity resistance
Shock Protection
Product is totally
covered Excellent
shock protection
High damage ratio during delivery.
Bad shock protection
Environmental protection
Small size and easy
to recycle
Consume large
Amount of pulp
High recycle cost
Company Image
Beautiful appearance
enhancing company image
Only provide protection purpose


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