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AirBag Packing

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Product Description
Container Space Pack Name:Container Space Pack

Container Space Pack is specially designed for container load heavy duty void fill.  It is cheaper compare to the traditional dunnage bag with improved protection and appearance.
Each Space Pack can withstand 1.5 tons and up.

Standard Color: Clear
*Optional: Can custom print color/ logo/ graphic up to 6 colors
Standard Style:  Pillow type
Standard Coating: None

Size Chart


Model # Size (cm) Size (in) Per Box
AB - 50/100 50 x 100 19.96 x 39.37 60
AB - 100/100 100x100 39.37 x 39.37 50
AB - 150/100 150x100 59.1 x 39.37 40
AB - 180/100 180x100 70.86 x 39.37 36

Inflation Steps

  • Use the appropriate size Container AIRBAG; the size of the AIRBAG should be corresponding with the size of the goods.
  • Place the appropriate cushion material such as carton board in between the goods and AIRBAG, and make sure there is no sharp corner touching AIRBAG.
  • Position Container AIRABG correctly. AIRBAG has to be at least 1 inch above the floor level, and not exceed the heights of the goods.
  • Adjust air pressure to be smaller than and equal to 8 kg/m2. Open the air valve, and insert the nozzle or casing pipe slowly. Inflate to the appropriate fullness then eject the nozzle or casing pipe, then the air valve will automatically self seal.


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