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[Sell] »Aluminum Foil, Aluminium foil for capacitor, flexible packaging, etc. 2008-12-31 11:06:41
     We are a leading aluminum foil manufacture specialized in light gauged foil( thickness range 4.5-9micron)in China. Our company is Yunnan Xinmeilu Aluminum Foil Co., Alcoa holds 56% share from total capital of USD 67 million. YXAF is the first foil processing manufacturer who can manufacture 0.0045-0.005mm ultra-thin aluminum foil with caster foil stock in batches, the project of 《The Application of Techniques for 0.0045- 0.005mm aluminum foil with caster foil stock》 which gained lots of technology patent is an originated innovation in the world. For years, we have made good ...
[Sell] »CHANG FANGYUAN 2008-12-31 11:05:55
     Our product is smooth, nontoxic, pollution-free, odor-free and harmless to human’s body, and it can be used in microwave oven and fridge, heat-resistant is 180 degrees Centigrade and frost-resistant is minus 40 degrees Centigrade, it prevents from distortion, leakage and fragmentation.
[Sell] »Polyester Straps 2008-12-31 11:05:26
     Features: 1) Excellent tensile strength and welding strength: it is used for many heavy packages. 2) Excellent tension maintenance. It maintains tensile strength for a long stretch of time with minimized strap slacking, while ensuring excellent shock resistance ideal for long-distance, long-period transportation. 3) Excellent Rusty and Chemical Resistance: Thus allows direct strapping with PET straps without products damage or rusty. 4) Superior flexibility for convenient operation. PET strap does not "Whiplash" when removed, thus creating a safe work environment for u...
[Sell] »Food Packing 2008-12-31 11:04:27
     Paper-Al-plastic six-layer laminated compound material, combine different ability for fresh maintenance, obstruct and heat sealing, suitable for milk, fruit juice and tea beverage pack, store at ambient temperature, the shelf life is 8 months features: - refrigeration needless, long maintenance time, low transport and storage cost - take aseptic procedure to make the product safer - long shelf life - can be used with many kinds of covers - low cost and high efficiency - many specifications can be choosed
[Sell] »Metallic foil 2008-12-31 11:03:53
     upply metallic foil which make paper/plastic, textile & leather metallized, and we also can offer you multi-color designes for you better decoration.
[Sell] »LLDPE films 2008-12-31 11:00:16
     The maximum film width is 2,100mm, with the highest film speed 500m/min and the film thickness is ranging from 15µm~50µm. The films can be cut on line into every kinds of specifications. In terms of adhesion, the films can be one-sided adhesive and two-sided adhesive. The products are divided into two main categories: hand film and machine film. Using LLDPE as raw materials, the stretch films enjoy many advantages: such as good tensile performance, strong nerviness, high transparency, strong tearing strength and self-adhesion. No matter whether the films are used in collecti...
[Sell] »PVdC coated Nylon film 2008-12-31 10:59:28
     Description: Nylon film (BOPA)coated with PVDC Features: 1) Optimum for meat vacuum packaging. 2) High oil content foods (xxxxx deep-friend peanut) packing 3) Tea packaging with aroma protection 4) Excellent gas (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide) barrier, excellent aroma protection 5) Excellent grease barrier 6) Superior printability 7) Excellent transparency
[Sell] »Polyolefin shrink film -coiled material 2008-12-31 10:58:46
     Environmentally Friendly type (POF) 5-Layer Co-extruded Polyolefin Shrink Film produced by our company are featured with high constriction ratio (over 60%), moderate air barrier property, flexible tenacity and hermetic sealing property,low-temperature resistance,non-brittle,damp-proof and xxxxx is suitable for automatic or semi-automatic shrink pack xxxxx addition,as much as 6 different color can be printed on the films.
[Sell] »Blown Film 2008-12-31 10:58:07
     ur products comprise of consumer/food product packs, medecine, liquid packs, oil packs, snack and confectionary, vacuum packs, labels and lits for cups and bottles, and blown film. For packaging, the product structure can be ranged from PET, MET-PET, LDPE, Aluminum, BOPP and Paper with process of lamination and extrusion coating. For blown films, we produce many types of flims: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, tranpsarent, white,etc. according to given specification. 
[Sell] »Shrink Film (13-30MIC) 2008-12-31 10:57:25
     t is suited both for manual L-sealers, for semi-automatic and for high speed auto packaging machines. If you want to know more, pls let us know
[Sell] »Hydrocarbon resin used in hot melt road marking paint 2008-12-31 10:52:26
     HR-288R HR-288R is a new resin developed spectifically to meet the technical requirements for hot melt road markeing in china and other asian markets .HR-288S hydrocarbon resin is suitable to be used in hot melt road marketing ***** can enhance the paint's toughness, hardness and adhesion, and to form a smooth Qimian, and by adding additives to make resin at the Four Seasons always in a stable condition, and rosin resins and good compatibility. In the high-end mixed paint, paint film can form a water-resistant, UV resistant, chemical-resistant properties, and foreign tourists and the bri...
[Sell] »hot-melt adhesive 2008-12-31 10:51:57
     Characteristics: Its appearance is clear yellow granular or crushed ***** is characterized by its excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, tasteless, Flexibility, rapid-condensation and rapid-concretion. And it has good affinity and excellent adhesion with a variety of metals and non-metallic ***** also has good compatibility with other resins to improve their performance. Uses: The products can be properly used as the coating for fabrics, Fusible, decorative, and other composites manufacturing.And they can also used for the producting of clothes, footwear, bags and e...
[Sell] »Hot melt film 2008-12-31 10:50:57
     In rencent years, hot melt film has been widely used in computer embroidery patterning. Up to now, as a underlay when embroidering, it has basically taken the place of traditional nonwoven. Advantages are as follows: no harmfulness to human body and enviroment, little remnants left on the cloth, nice look of embroidery, great improvement of production efficiency, and decrease of cost. Disadvantages: should use peeling machines to peel it off; 3% of remnants left; and tough hand -feeling. 
[Sell] »Hot Melt Adhesive Film 2008-12-31 10:50:09
     Hot melt adhesive film suits for each kind of textile combination, the characteristic is gentle, soft, strong cohesive force, and good performance on dry cleans and laundering. It wildly used for embroidered badges, trademark, various woven superscript gum, car interiors, indoor decoration and other noise nonwoven fabrics and fabric adhesive between. 
[Sell] »Resion Bond Diamond Grinding Wheel 2008-12-31 10:49:02
     1) High cutting capability with low grinding forces in dry and wet grinding 2) With phenolic polyimide resin base 3) Extreme flexibility
[Sell] »Sports Tape 2008-12-31 09:29:11
     Product Description 100%cotton, high tensile strength cloth, Coated with hot melt adhesive material. Width and length can be done as per your request to meet the need in application. Gospel Regular Tape is excellent for all-purpose athletic uses. Available white or else colour (MQ: 10000rolls) Features: 1. Made of 100% cotton fabric, provide excellent tensile strength and superior conformability; 2. Hot melt adhesive latex-free, maximum minimized skin irritation; 3. Non-elastic, rigid tape adheres strongly, but unwinds easily and consistently all the way to the core; 4....
[Sell] »THERMO STRAP Make Strapping Band, Machine Roll 2008-12-31 09:27:38
     Manufacturer of PP Strap, Machine Roll suitable for strapping machines and hand grade. Sizes available from 6 MM to 19 MM in various thickness and colours.
[Sell] »PET Strap 2008-12-31 09:26:43
     PET strap is a new style enlacing strap which is adapted in many different branches of industry, such as lumber industry, steel industry, architecture material binding. It enjoys features as better pull resistance, superior elasticity, low extent, better temperature resistance, excellent rusty resistance, artistic packing, extreme safety and economy. We supply PET strap in first class quality and most advantage price with our excellent service. Specification of PET strap is subject to customer�s requirement. Our products have been passed SGS certificate.
[Sell] »Polyester Composite Strapping(Strap2000) 2008-12-31 09:25:25
     Strap2000 is our co-extruded polyester strapping made from high tenacity polyester textile fibres. 1>no sharp edges that could damage your products; 2>resistant to all weather conditions and U.V; 3>high linear and system strength; 4>very high capacity to absorb shocks during transport high retained tension due to its elastic elongation and "memory" even on contracting packages; 5)fast and easy to handle; 6)high cross-directional strength.
[Sell] »Tie Wraps 2008-12-31 09:20:23
     tie Wraps: AccessoriesTie Wraps - TY-8 8 inches Material: Nylon length: Customer can specify it.
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