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Transportation or Storage Equipment
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  Transportation or Storage Equipment  
  Galvanized Substrate Plate in Coil [2011-04-07 16:44:45]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:Handan ZhuoLi Precision Sheet Co., Ltd. [China]
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Galvanized Substrate Plate in Coil
  ResistorStrips [2011-04-07 16:44:41]
Description Resistor strips grade ...
Copmany:Jiangsu Xinhua Alloy Electric Co.,Ltd [China]
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  Hot Rolled Steel Coil [2011-04-07 16:44:37]
Description We could produce and e...
Copmany:Golden Sunshine (Hong Kong) Stock Co., Ltd. [China]
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Hot Rolled Steel Coil
  China Steel Coil [2011-04-07 16:44:33]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:Tianjin Jinshi Hongfeng Trade Co.,Ltd [China]
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China Steel Coil
  Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils [2011-04-07 16:44:29]
Brand Name : Xin Yu...
Copmany:Hebei Xinyuan Longgu Building Material Co.,Ltd [China]
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Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils
  Steel Coil&Strip&Plate Directly From Tianjin Steel [2011-04-07 16:44:25]
Brand Name : Handan...
Copmany:Handan Zhaoxin Material Co., Ltd [China]
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Steel Coil&Strip&Plate Directly From Tianjin Steel
  Galvanized Steel Strip [2011-04-07 16:44:21]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:Hebei Cangzhou New Century Foreign Trade Co.,Ltd [China]
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Galvanized Steel Strip
  Cold Rolled Steel in Coil [2011-04-07 16:44:17]
Brand Name : LIUZHO...
Copmany:Wah Toi Materials Supply Limited [China]
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Cold Rolled Steel in Coil
  Hot Rolled Steel Strip [2011-04-07 16:44:13]
Brand Name : dalipu...
Copmany:Drliprl Oil Country Tubular Goodsco.,Ltd [China]
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Hot Rolled Steel Strip
  Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils/Sheets [2011-04-07 16:44:09]
Brand Name : Hanxia...
Copmany:Tianjin Hanxiang International Trading Co.,Ltd [China]
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Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils/Sheets
  Steel Strip [2011-04-07 16:44:05]
Brand Name : Zejian...
Copmany:Tianjin Zejian Trade Co.,Ltd. [China]
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Steel Strip
  Cold Rolled Coil [2011-04-07 16:44:01]
Brand Name : K-ing ...
Copmany:Tianjin K-ing Steel Co.,Ltd. [China]
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Cold Rolled Coil
  Cold Steel Strips [2011-04-07 16:43:56]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:Jinan Sizhi International Trading Co.,Ltd [China]
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Cold Steel Strips
  Prepainted Steel Coil [2011-04-07 16:43:52]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:Zhangjiagang Huanshi Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd [China]
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Prepainted Steel Coil
  Stainless Steel Binding Strips/Band & Buckles [2011-04-07 16:43:48]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:Clamber Hardware & Electronic Co., Ltd [China]
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Stainless Steel Binding Strips/Band & Buckles
  Steel Strapping [2011-04-07 16:43:44]
Brand Name : Leida ...
Copmany:Linyi Xingwang Steel Strip Co.,Ltd [China]
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Steel Strapping
  Copolymer Coated Steel Tape [2011-04-07 16:41:31]
Description The copolymer coated s...
Copmany:Henan Jiyi Trade Co., Ltd [China]
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Copolymer Coated Steel Tape
  Color Coated Steel Strip [2011-04-07 16:41:27]
Brand Name : LU STE...
Copmany:Lu Steel Group Co.,Ltd [China]
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Color Coated Steel Strip
  Blue Steel Strip (NT-5789) [2011-04-07 16:41:20]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:Nantong Zhengyang Steel Rope Co.,LTD [China]
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Blue Steel Strip (NT-5789)
  Hot Rolled Flat Bar [2011-04-07 16:41:16]
Brand Name : jindin...
Copmany:Tangshan Jinding Trading Co., Ltd. [China]
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Hot Rolled Flat Bar
  Galvanized Steel Coil [2011-04-07 16:41:12]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:Tianjin Shengcaiyuan Steel Trading Co.,Ltd [China]
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Galvanized Steel Coil
  Black Steel Strips [2011-04-07 16:41:07]
Brand Name : leida ...
Copmany:Linyi Xing Wang Steel Strip Co.,Ltd [China]
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Black Steel Strips
  Hot-rolled Steel , Aluminium Gavanized Steel Plate [2011-04-07 16:41:03]
Description Sizes are: HR&...
Copmany:Tian Jin Shuanghe Sheng Steel Sales Co., Ltd. [China]
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Hot-rolled Steel , Aluminium Gavanized Steel Plate
  Hot Rolled Coil [2011-04-07 16:40:59]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:Uno-steel Group Steel [China]
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Hot Rolled Coil
  Galvanized Steel Strip [2011-04-07 16:40:55]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:Bazhou Zhuofa Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd [China]
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Galvanized Steel Strip
  GI Steel Coils [2011-04-07 16:40:51]
Brand Name : FTIF ...
Copmany:Shandong FTIF New Building Materials Co.,Ltd [China]
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GI Steel Coils
  Bright Steel Coil [2011-04-07 16:40:47]
Brand Name : Tich H...
Copmany:Tianjin Tich Hillo International Trade Co., Ltd [China]
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Bright Steel Coil
  Blue Tempered Steel Strapping [2011-04-07 16:40:42]
Brand Name : 86-539...
Copmany:Linyi Xingwang Steel Strap Co.,LTD [China]
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Blue Tempered Steel Strapping
  Aluzinc Steel Coils [2011-04-07 16:40:38]
Brand Name : hengji...
Copmany:Tianjin Hengji Steel Co.,Ltd [China]
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Aluzinc Steel Coils
  Bright Polished High Carbon Steel Coil [2011-04-07 16:40:33]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:Linyi Liangyu Steel Strip Co., Ltd [China]
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Bright Polished High Carbon Steel Coil
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