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DS Smith report calls for supermarket plastic alternatives
From: Packaging News

DS Smith has reacted to a surge in sales of plastic bags by insisting that 1.5 billion tonnes of supermarket plastic can be replaced annually. 


A report from the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) warned that a surge in use of ‘bags for life’ – this year 10 supermarkets reported selling 1.5 billion bags for life, up by about 25% on last year.

Iceland saw sales of bags for life rise tenfold, from 3.5 million to 34 million.

Alex Manisty, group head of strategy at DS Smith, said work recently commissioned by DS Smith showed that 1.5 billion tonnes of plastic per year in supermarket aisles could be replaced with alternative renewable materials, like cardboard.

“Central to the sustainability of products, including carrier bags of any material, is finding ways to re-use them as many times as possible. DS Smith always aims to collaborate with retailers, packaging suppliers and Governments to focus on long term sustainable solutions that keep materials in circulation for the longest possible time, and this focus has to include thinking about new ways to incentivise sustainable consumer behaviour on littering, recycling and re-use.”

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