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Wu-Hsing Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Product Description
Hand Sealer with Cutter Name: Hand Sealer with Cutter
Brand: /
Specs: /

Hand Type Impulse Sealer With Cutter

Hand Type Impulse Sealer With Cutter
WK-HC Series

WK-200HC/300HC/400HC/500HC - HC series models are equipped with a sliding blade to cut excess material 1/4 inch from seal.
The Impulse Sealers with Cutters are excellent in sealing poly-tubing and most plastic materials. 
Available in 2mm and 5mm width seals.

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Extra Long Hand Type Impulse Sealer with Cutter

Extra Long Hand Type Impulse Sealer with Cutter
WN-HC Series

Extra Long Hand sealer offers a short distance from the working table.
Impulse sealing with electronic control.
It comes with a bigger volume of Transformer which provides a larger and mass sealing.
With a handle makes easier to carry. Comes with a sliding cutter.

More Details

Hand Type Impulse Sealer With Cutter

Hand Type Impulse Sealer With Cutter

W-600EC is a new product of WU-HSING, operated by hand in the middle for a balance pressure & sealing. It comes with a sliding cutter after sealing. Machine is made by metal construction with painted. Ideal for Tube type of bag sealing and plastic material: PE, PVC, OPP sealing & cutting.

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