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TRIDENTPAK International Co., Ltd.

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Product Description
Container buffer bag Name: Container buffer bag
Specs: /


Department of its use of the principle of the container inflatable bags, kraft paper surface friction and bag of air buffer force, prevent goods moving in transit and collision, protection of customers' products, 100% safe destination. Crash bags, choose the appropriate size inflatable gun from the inflation hole the collision avoidance bags inflatable, for the retention and protection of container pallets or goods that can be used to replace the traditional nail strips of wood and Bangsheng way to provide faster the safety of the use of the program. Loading time and cost savings, and can recycle-reuse, many domestic enterprises purchasing this product, the protective effect is very excellent.


Product advantages

1.Can be used in the top of the product in the containers, pallets around the middle of the container door, cabinet security protection. 
2.Inflatable fast inflatable bags to save the time of loading.
3.Non-timber, and do not need to smoke to prove, to save packaging costs.
4.Repeated recycling use, in line with the trend of environmental protection.


Container buffer bag Specifications


Specification (L × W)(mm)
Applicable fill width(mm)
Inflation pressure
600 ×1200
800 ×1200
1000 × 1200
1000 × 1800
1200 × 2200


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