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SellStarch Adhesive Additive

       Chemical additives are developed by CHC as a new series of products for starch-based corrugating adhesives. By
combining inorganic synthesis processes with organic polymerization techniques, CHC has successfully prepared several
types of polymer-salt composites and aqueous resins. According to clients’ adhesive preparation process, the selected
additives can be added into starch adhesives to impart better workability, stable viscosity, and suitable pot life.

  Starch Adhesive Stabilizer is specially designed to adjust the swelling degree of starch granules in no-carrier adhesive
process. The viscosity of resultant starch slurry can be accurately controlled.

  Starch adhesive promoter is a modified aqueous resin designed to improve the workability and stability of starch
adhesives. Its unique functional groups can crosslink with hydroxyl groups in starch molecules. Not only the adhesive
efficiency, but also the adhesive strength can be enhanced remarkably.

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