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Taiwan Hon Chuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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»  Label Products > PVC/OPS/ PET Shrinkable Colorful Lable
»  PET Bottle /Preform Products > Crystallized And Non-Crystallized Neck-Finish PET Preform
»  PET Bottle /Preform Produ > PET Bottle For Water / PET Bottle For Aseptic Filling / HR.HPR PET Bo
»  Cap Products > Metal Cap(Box) / Aluminum Cap(Box) / Aluminum Cap For I.V. Injection Bottle
»  Cap Products > Metal Lug Cap With Safety Button
»  Cap Products > Aluminum Cap For Chicken Essence / Composite Vacuum Closure / Open Full Cap
»  Cap Products > Aluminum Closure For Hot-Fill / Carbonated Drink Funciional Bevearge / Sterilized
»  Cap Products > Deluxe Aluminum Closure With PE Liner
»  Cap Products > Safety & Easy-Open Plastic Closure
»  Label Products > OPP Clear Based & White Based Colorful Label
»  Label Products > LDPE Shrinkable Film For Multipack
»  Beverage OEM > Aseptic Beverage Filling OEM、Hotfill Beverage Filling OEM、Bottled Water Filling OE

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Company Introduction
    *Name Of Company Taiwan Hon Chuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.
*Establishment Date July,1969(AD)
*Paid-in Capital NT$2,928,788,790
*Revenue of 2015 NT$16.58 billion dollar
*Manufacture location Taiwan、China、Thailand、Indonesia、Vietnam、Malaysia、Myanmar、Cambodia、Mozambique
*Plants Area in Taiwan 104,765㎡ , The Area Of Plant Building:161,223㎡
*Plants Area in China 762,218㎡ , The Area Of Plant Building:326,399㎡
*Plants Area in South-East Asia 274,884㎡ , The Area Of Plant Building:145,483㎡
*Plants Area in Africa 70,000㎡ , The Area Of Plant Building:8,640㎡
*The Total Employee About 4,491 (Taiwan 1,207、China 2,473、South-East Asia 1,182、Africa 41) as at June 2015.
*Taiwan Ticker Code 9939

Main Products
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PET Bottle ..
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Company Description
Location: Taiwan - Taichung
Zip Code/Addess: 407/No.6, 2nd, Rd., Industrial Park, Taichung,Taiwan, R.O.C. Map
Contact: Hui-Chiung Chen
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