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Products Index
»  Automatic Forming Filling Sealing Machine
»  SOG-25 Packaging process
»  Panty Liners Making Machine
»  Automatic Sanitary Napkin Packaging Machine
»  Wet Tissue Producing Machine
»  Automatic Forming/Filling/Sealing Machine
»  Packaging Machine
»  Auto Folding Machine for Non-Woven Sheet, Napkin, Facial Tissue
»  Rewind Machine
»  Auto Folding Machine for Non-Woven Sheet, Napkin, Facial Tissue
»  Adult Diaper-Making Machine
»  Baby Diaper Making Machine
»  Wing-Type Sanitary Napkin-Making Machine (With Standing Gather)
»  Wing-Type Sanitary Napkin-Making Machine
»  Auto Folding Machine for Non-Woven Sheet, Napkin, Facial Tissue
»  Automatic Sanitary Napkin Packaging Machine
»  Handy Wet Tissue Folding Machine
»  Wet Tissue-Making Machine
»  Handle Making Machine
»  Paper Strand Making Machine

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Company Introduction
    A specialist in adult diaper-making machines, baby diaper-making machines, sanitary napkin-making machines, panty liner-making machines, and wet tissue-making machines, Woei Cherng has developed a wide array of machine models to satisfy users every need in producing the aforementioned products. Why is Woei Cherng capable of providing so many more models than others? Because Woei Cherng learns more about customers' earnest needs. Our constant R&D has helped our machines to outrival others of their kind in both function and performance.

Main Products
Automatic F..
SOG-25 Pack..
Panty Liner..
Automatic S..
Wet Tissue ..

Company Description
Location: Taiwan - Taoyuan
Zip Code/Addess: 32745/No.8,2 Lin Ta-Po Village Shin Wu Township,Taoyuan County, Taiwan Map
Contact: Ms.HSU
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