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   Company Description - New-Solution Industry Co., Ltd.
    The description of company
The NSI Company is an automation equipment suppliers for all kind of customers, We provide design and planning and production for spare parts, components, single device, Even whole line equipment and modification, , all kinds equipment can be customized.

Capital: Five million NTD
Established : AD 2005

Market trends and opportunities
From the perspective of Taiwan's industry, a large number of various industries relocated to third world countries, Even many internationally renowned enterprises and some of the traditional labor-intensive industries, mainly because the most likely personnel and material costs low, and personnel many, resources and vast market.

The reason why enterprises operate, it is because the personnel costs for the business is the biggest burden.
Therefore, in high wage areas, demand for automation equipment growing phenomenon in developed countries even more serious.

The present consumer electronics industry as an example, the packaging sector occupied by the high proportion of personnel costs, general automation equipment can be replaced by about 3-4 human resources.

This cost calculation and analysis about the situation:
Daily pay 800 * 3 persons * 3 shift = 7200 / day
Annual production of 270 days for the company to save 270 * 7200 = 1944000 / year
To increase staff, allowances, bonuses, etc., would be sufficient for the maintenance equipment expenditures. The above formula, plus the cost of management has not yet (more manpower cost more weight), if long-term competitive advantage, automation will be the trend of the future.

Location: Taiwan·Taichung County
Zip Code/Address: 41262/No.206-2,Sec 1,Guo-Guang Rd,Da-Li Dist,Taichung City ,Taiwan
Contact: Mr.Liu
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