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Packaging Material-Making or Forming Machines, Packaging Material Mold » Corrugated cardboard making machine or line
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  Corrugated cardboard making machine or line  
  Paper Corrugation Machine [2018-02-16 21:56:42]
Vertical Type Paper Corrugating Machine We are specialized in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of   Paper...
Copmany:Jenan Overseas Exports [DelhiNew Delhi]
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Paper Corrugation Machine
  Corrugated Paper Machine(Model: BT-1200) [2018-01-01 18:49:09]
Model:  BT-1200 Output/day: 1-1.2T Weight: 20-30g/m2 Net Paper Width: 1200mm Working Speed: 40-50m/min End paper ...
Copmany:Beston Machinery Co., Ltd [ChinaZhengzhou]
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Corrugated Paper Machine(Model: BT-1200)
  Corrugated Paper Machine (Model: BT-787) [2018-01-01 18:47:55]
Model:  BT-787 Output/day: 0.8-0.9T Weight: 20-30g/m2 Net Paper Width: 787-900mm Working Speed: 20-80m/min End pa...
Copmany:Beston Machinery Co., Ltd [ChinaZhengzhou]
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Corrugated Paper Machine (Model: BT-787)
  Vibratory Screener - Double Deck - (2S) [2011-11-23 09:45:37]
vibratory screener Product ID: Double Deck - (2S) Lao Soung multi-layers vibratory screener is a basic equipment fo...
Copmany:Lao Soung Machinery Co., Ltd. [TaiwanNew Taipei City]
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Vibratory Screener - Double Deck - (2S)
  Corrugator > Single Facer [2015-12-14 15:28:36]
Corrugator     Single Facer iPACK International Corp.   &nbs...
Copmany:iPACK international Co., Ltd. [TaiwanTaichung]
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Corrugator > Single Facer
  Auto. Laminator > PH-A-1600 [2015-01-08 12:01:30]
Auto. Laminator  PH-A-1600 ¥Specification Min. Paper Size: 400mm x 400mm Max. Paper Size: 1150 x 1...
Copmany:PAKTEK INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. [TaiwanNew Taipei City]
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Auto. Laminator > PH-A-1600
  foam package mould [2011-11-11 17:25:43]
Before mould making: our designers will discuss with you about the match of product design and mould structure design. And we wil...
Copmany:Shanghai HuiChi Packing Machinery CO.,LTD. []
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foam package mould
  paper board cursher machine [2011-11-09 17:59:20]
BOX-1600 Board Crusher machine Key words: crusher machine, breaker machine, feeder machine, cracker machine ,board breaker ...
Copmany:Union Industry Machine Co.,Ltd []
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paper board cursher machine
  corrugated paperboard production line [2011-11-03 16:08:56]
corrugated paperboard production line is suitable for quanity automatized and manufactuing and it can produce good quality corruga...
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corrugated paperboard production line
  DWJ60-1600 Warp Board Production Line [2011-11-03 16:03:39]
Detailed Description of Products DWJ60-1600 Warp Board Production Line NO. Description Specification Qty 1 ...
Copmany:Xiamen Xianghan Company,Ltd []
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DWJ60-1600 Warp Board Production Line
  Corrugated Paperboard Production Line [2011-11-02 16:44:21]
Yantai Tianlin packaging machinery Co., Ltd. specialises in manufacturing corrugated cardboard production line, 3/5/7 ply, flute ...
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Corrugated Paperboard Production Line
  corrugated paper production line [2011-11-02 16:02:51]
corrugated paper production line This line is capable ofproducing 3-layer conugated board. It consists of 6 parts,including pape...
Copmany:JiangYin Qida Packing Machine Co.,Ltd []
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corrugated paper production line
  Corrugated paperboard making machine [2011-10-26 16:36:44]
  Shengli Paper Chest Equipment Manufacturing co.,Ltd was founnded in 1985.It lies in the Carton mechinery industrial zo...
Copmany:Hebei Shengli Paper Chest Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd []
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Corrugated paperboard making machine
  CHEAP CORRUGATED BOXES manufacturer in china [2011-10-21 15:29:03]
high quality & competitive price & professional service Founded in 1988,our company is now located in GuangZhou, China, ...
Copmany:Asia Regalprinting Industrial Co.,Ltd []
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CHEAP CORRUGATED BOXES manufacturer in china
  honeycomb paper sheets machine [2011-10-20 10:46:36]
This line is used to expand and laminate honeycomb paper(core) to form&nbs...
Copmany:Wuxi Shenxi Honeycomb Machinery Factory []
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honeycomb paper sheets machine
  1880mm duplexboard paper machine [2011-10-20 10:39:36]
Copmany:ailixue group co.,ltd []
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1880mm duplexboard paper machine
  Board paper making machine [2011-10-20 10:37:57]
This machine can produce board paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper, carton paper etc with raw material waste paper, recycle paper...
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Board paper making machine
  Single-wall Corrugated Board Production Line [2011-10-14 08:42:36]
This finished product, single wall corrugated board, is mainly introduced as inner packing material. It can be also used as out...
Copmany:Xiamen Xianghan Company,Ltd []
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Single-wall Corrugated Board Production Line
  carton production line [2011-10-14 08:24:12]
Our corrugated board production line(including 3 layers, 5 layers, 7layers), ca...
Copmany:Hebei Kaisheng Machinery Co.Ltd []
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carton production line
  corrugated carton production line [2011-10-07 08:36:00]
  Corrugated cardboard production line includes case gluing machine,gum mounting machine,surface sticking machiner,mill rol...
Copmany:Fushun Pack Electromechanical Co.,Ltd []
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corrugated carton production line
  Corrugated paperboard production line [2011-10-06 10:27:40]
We are supplying corrugated paperboard production line including 2 layers, 3layers, 5layers, and 7layers with width from 1200mm-25...
Copmany:San(Qingdao) International Trade Co., Ltd. []
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Corrugated paperboard production line
  carton machine,paper printing packing machine.corrugated cardboard machine [2011-10-06 10:19:51]
  Corrugated Cardboard Production Line is the professional equipment for producing corrugated cardboard.The 3ply,5ply,7ply,...
Copmany:Cangzhou JiaJia Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd []
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carton machine,paper printing packing machine.corrugated cardboard machine
  5Layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line [2011-09-30 09:47:36]
 1. Design speed: 120m/min2. Economic speed: 80-100m/min3. Working width: 1600-2200mm 4. Production line length: do...
Copmany:Shanghai jinggao Industrial Co., Ltd []
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5Layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line
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