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Packaging Materials
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  Packaging Materials  
  Opp Packing Tape [2011-03-30 16:11:08]
Brand Name : guanho...
Copmany:Guan Hong Packing Products Factory [China]
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Opp Packing Tape
  PVC Adhesive Tape [2011-03-30 16:11:03]
Model Number : QYF1...
Copmany:Shijiazhuang Qianyang Trading CO. Ltd [China]
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PVC Adhesive Tape
  Bopp Packing Tape [2011-03-30 16:10:58]
Brand Name : GH PAC...
Copmany:Guanhong Packing Industry Co.,Ltd [China]
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Bopp Packing  Tape
  Double-coated Adhesive Tapes 500NS [2011-03-30 16:10:54]
Description ...
Copmany:K&D Adhesive Tapes LTD [China]
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Double-coated Adhesive Tapes 500NS
  Double Sided Cloth Tape [2011-03-30 16:10:46]
Description Cloth double-sided adh...
Copmany:Dotpack Bond-Tech Co.,Ltd [China]
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Double Sided Cloth Tape
  Jelly Glue [2011-03-30 16:10:41]
Brand Name : Zhengy...
Copmany:Dong Guan City Zheng Yee Gelatin Co., Ltd. [China]
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Jelly Glue
  Bopp Packing Tape (Jumbo) [2011-03-30 16:10:32]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:Foshan Sanshui Pengda Packing Material Factory Co., Ltd. [China]
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Bopp Packing Tape (Jumbo)
  BOPP Packing Tape [2011-03-30 16:10:27]
Brand Name : HAIMEI...
Copmany:Zhong Shan Hai Mei Packaging Materials Co.,Ltd [China]
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BOPP Packing Tape
  Preserved Fruit Soft Packing [2011-03-30 16:01:04]
Model Number : YJ05...
Copmany:Shi Jiazhuang Shenlong Packaging Co.,Ltd [China]
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Preserved Fruit Soft Packing
  PTFE Adhesive Tape [2011-03-30 16:00:59]
Brand Name : tianle...
Copmany:Taixing Tianle Conveyor Belt., Co,Ltd [China]
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PTFE Adhesive Tape
  Stationary Tape [2011-03-30 16:00:55]
Brand Name : camat/...
Copmany:Guangzhou Wang Cheong Adhesive Product Factory [China]
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Stationary Tape
  Bopp Packing Tape [2011-03-30 16:00:51]
Brand Name : Guanho...
Copmany:Dongguan Guanhong Packing Industry Co.,Ltd. [China]
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Bopp Packing Tape
  Super Clear Carton Sealing Tape [2011-03-30 16:00:46]
Description per clear tape,with hi...
Copmany:Futon Petro Chemical Technology (Holding)Co. LTD [China]
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Super Clear Carton Sealing Tape
  Adhesive Tape [2011-03-30 16:00:42]
Model Number : AT-2...
Copmany:Amit Trading Co., Ltd [China]
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Adhesive Tape
  PVC Insulation Tape [2011-03-30 16:00:37]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:Zhejiang Cooling HVAC Co., Ltd. [China]
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PVC Insulation Tape
  Packing Roll [2011-03-30 16:00:27]
Brand Name : Green ...
Copmany:Grand Poly (Jiujiang) Co., Ltd [China]
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Packing Roll
  BOPP Adhesive Tape [2011-03-30 16:00:22]
Brand Name : Chengx...
Copmany:Shenzhen Chengxing Packing & Material Co., Ltd. [China]
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BOPP Adhesive Tape
  OPP Packaging Tape [2011-03-30 16:00:18]
Model Number : A001...
Copmany:A One Packing Co.,Limited [China]
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OPP Packaging Tape
  Anti Slip Tape [2011-03-30 16:00:13]
Brand Name : Anti S...
Copmany:Nice Sale Plastic Industrial Company(Fuhao Im&Export)Co.,Ltd [China]
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Anti Slip Tape
  Marking Tape [2011-03-30 16:00:08]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:Beijing Huaxia Yongle Adhesive Tape Co.,Ltd [China]
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Marking Tape
  Double Sides Tape [2011-03-30 16:00:03]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:GangYuan Adhesive Products Co.,Ltd [China]
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Double Sides Tape
  Color BOPP Packing Tape [2011-03-30 15:59:59]
Brand Name : YINQIU...
Copmany:Wuzhou Yinqiu Adhesive Material Industries Co.,Ltd [China]
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Color BOPP Packing Tape
  Foam Tape [2011-03-30 15:59:54]
Brand Name : Oker ...
Copmany:Shenzhen Yuhuasheng Bag Sealing Tape Co., Ltd [China]
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Foam Tape
  Electrical Tape [2011-03-30 15:59:50]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:DongGuanJieda Packing Material Co.,Ltd [China]
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Electrical Tape
  BOPP Sealing Tape [2011-03-30 15:59:45]
Brand Name : Qichan...
Copmany:Shang Hai Qi Chang Tape Co.,Ltd [China]
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BOPP Sealing Tape
  BOPP Tape [2011-03-30 15:59:37]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:Yangzhou Longda Packing Co., Ltd. [China]
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  Kcraft Tape [2011-03-30 15:56:24]
Brand Name : GuanHo...
Copmany:Dongguan Guanhong Packing Indusrty Co,Ltd [China]
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Kcraft Tape
  BOPP Packing Tape [2011-03-30 15:56:19]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:Sanyi Adhesive Products Company Ltd [China]
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BOPP Packing Tape
  BOPP/BOPET Cigarette Tear Tape [2011-03-30 15:56:15]
Description BOPP/BOPET cigarette t...
Copmany:Asia Pacific International Co., Limited [China]
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BOPP/BOPET Cigarette Tear Tape
  Transparent Tear Tape [2011-03-30 15:56:10]
Place of Origin : C...
Copmany:Big Beard Co.,Ltd [China]
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Transparent Tear Tape
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