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Packaging-Related Machines and Ancillary Equipment
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  Packaging-Related Machines and Ancillary Equipment  
  PACKAGE TYPE DEHUMIDIFIER [2011-11-08 18:10:14]
CHEMICAL TYPE OF ROTOR (SCR-M & ULTRA SCR) & AFTER COOLER This "YDHP" type with built-in small-sized chemical ty...
Copmany:Korea Techno Co., Ltd. []
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  Electronic Platform Scale [2011-11-08 18:09:45]
Capacity : 150kgx10g Counting Features Blue Back Light (optional) Low-Battery Indication / Over-Load Indication Error Indi...
Copmany:Dongguan Mingyi Printing Co., Ltd []
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Electronic Platform Scale
  Refill ink [2011-11-07 17:19:31]
1.Refill ink for Epson, canon,Brother,Lexmark,Samsung,Lenovo ink cartridge. 2.Springe bottle package, 28ml, with Hand  Dril...
Copmany:Zhuhai Colorpro Technology Co.,Ltd. []
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Refill ink
  Packaged Rooftop Units [2011-11-07 17:03:27]
C&D packaged rooftop unit offers outstanding year-round heating and cooling comfort. It features cooling capacities of 23,000 to 5...
Copmany:C&D International []
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Packaged Rooftop Units
  inkjet print cartridge [2011-11-04 15:51:57]
Supply all kinds of package boxes.
Copmany:Cangnan Hongsheng Printing Co.,Ltd. []
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inkjet print cartridge
  Leak Tester [2011-11-03 16:57:12]
Introduction The tester is applicable in testing the seal of soft packaging in food and pharmaceutical industry. It can test ...
Copmany:Jinan Drick Instruments Co., Ltd. []
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Leak Tester
  mattress compressor [2011-11-03 16:11:26]
Vacuum compressed packaging is used for mattress compressor, the professional electronic control system can rapidly compress mat...
Copmany:naigu furniture packaging (machiney) factory []
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mattress compressor
  full computerized flexo printing slotting die-cutting carton machine [2011-11-03 16:09:50]
  95% of the whole machine electric elements use international famous brands. The control centre uses German Simons PLC and...
Copmany:Hebei Xinguang Carton Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd []
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full computerized flexo printing slotting die-cutting carton machine
  RF Weld & Cutting Machine [2011-11-03 16:04:11]
The device is kind of high frequency medium heating and cutting device, widely applied for welding and cutting of products s...
Copmany:Cosmos-ray Machinery Electronic Equipment Factory []
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RF Weld & Cutting Machine
  Diecutting & Waste-removing Machine [2011-11-03 16:03:51]
Find more information in our website: 3w(dot)xianghan-machne(dot)com Contact us by machine(at)xianghan-machine(dot)cn As Euro...
Copmany:Xiamen Xianghan Company,Ltd []
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Diecutting & Waste-removing Machine
  SYK391 series of printing slotting machine [2011-11-02 17:53:43]
1.     semiautomatic chain feeding side gauge fix position 2.     manual harmonic com...
Copmany:Donguang jinguang packing machine toos factory []
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SYK391 series of printing slotting machine
  plastic Printing Machine-Flexographic [2011-11-02 17:53:20]
product information: Introduce sensitization resin as flexible printing plate, suitable for printing such packing materials as p...
Copmany:Hefei Tianfeng International Plastic Machinery []
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plastic Printing Machine-Flexographic
  BOPP Tape Slitter Rewinder (Normal Packaging Tape)BTSM01 [2011-11-02 17:50:45]
Suitable for slitting and rewinding normal BOPP packaging tape. Features Centralized control panel conveniently control all the...
Copmany:Pac King Materials and Machinery Corp. []
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BOPP Tape Slitter Rewinder (Normal Packaging Tape)BTSM01
  KZL-32A Pneumatic Packaging tensioning machine [2011-11-02 16:07:07]
Strap material:steel Air pressure: 0.4~0.6Mpa steel spec: (25~32)×(0.8~1.2)mm Tentioning speed; 2m/min Tention: ≥9....
Copmany:Shanghai Xinyue Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. []
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KZL-32A Pneumatic Packaging tensioning machine
  slitter rewinder [2011-11-02 16:06:46]
Slitter rewinder: a roll-to-roll machine to slit the jumbo paper into narrow widths. Features: 1) Adopts power lift and clamp ma...
Copmany:Yueqing City Huanlong Machine Factory []
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slitter rewinder
  paper printing, packaging and converting machinery [2011-11-02 15:39:52]
Copmany: Taiwan Tsai Yi Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd . []
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paper printing, packaging and converting machinery
This rolled paper cutting machine apply the advanced technique of Taiwan and Britain. Transmitted by AC servo motor, the speed of...
Copmany:Xiamen Xianghan Company,Ltd []
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  packaging & printing machinery [2011-11-02 15:37:12]
Copmany:VANPAT S.A. []
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packaging & printing machinery
  plastic-melting packaging machine [2011-11-02 15:36:52]
This series adopt the pneumatic components to drive the pressing plate to work, using the principle of adjustable electricity-heat...
Copmany:feng xing packaging machinery factory []
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plastic-melting packaging machine
  great art printers [2011-11-02 15:22:12]
Copmany:great art []
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great art printers
  Cutting Plotter [2011-11-02 15:19:42]
Copmany:Guanzhou chaoling Printing Equipment Center []
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Cutting Plotter
  FR320BⅡ/420 BⅡ [2011-11-02 15:17:09]
Copmany:Hebei Fengri Printing Manchinery Co., Ltd. []
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FR320BⅡ/420 BⅡ
  Control cabinets [2011-10-31 17:33:09]
>Custom control cabinets electric and/or pneumatic control systems designed and built to your specification >up to class 1...
Copmany:Wanda Metal Products Industry.Co.,Ltd []
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Control cabinets
  Dipping Tank for Water Transfer Printing Processing [2011-10-31 17:21:22]
Water Transfer Printing Equipment Water transfer printing can be applied to many components, such as ABS, PU, PP, PE, TPR, 4...
Copmany:Caiyi printing Industrial Co., Ltd []
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Dipping Tank for Water Transfer Printing Processing
  Hydraulic test pump machine [2011-10-31 17:16:56]
Beijing Hongyuan Machinery Co.Ltd.is a high-tech enterprise of Hebei Province. Experiencing many hardships and indomitable s...
Copmany:Beijing Hoyu Technology Development Co., Ltd []
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Hydraulic test pump machine
  Electricity meter [2011-10-31 17:10:46]
Copmany:ningbo kingfoil industrial Co.Ltd []
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Electricity meter
  rubber peeling machine [2011-10-31 17:08:26]
This type machine is a new type rubber peeling machine. Its main applying object is the hose containing steel wire. Its main funct...
Copmany:Beijing Hoyu Technology Development Co., Ltd []
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rubber peeling machine
  surge protectors [2011-10-31 17:05:28]
FV 10 D /1 single phase surge protective devices / surge protector / surge protection device / SPD are suitable for lightning and ...
Copmany:Fatech Electronic (CHINA) LTD []
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surge protectors
  Baggage Scanner [2011-10-31 17:04:53]
 Baggage Scanners are broadly required in Hotels, Airports, Railway Stations, Metro Stations, government institutions, post o...
Copmany:Timetech Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. []
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Baggage Scanner
  check weigher [2011-10-26 16:37:08]
FEATURES 1.        Strong stainless steel structure; Water proof design. 2.  &nb...
Copmany:Rehoo Industrial Ltd []
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check weigher
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