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Packaging Tools
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  Packaging Tools  
  FDA certified lollipop and cake pop paper sticks [2012-06-30 10:49:31]
Contact Email: CF2768@hotmail.com TLC Top Food Grade material white paper stick 1.Name: lollipop/cake/brownies/cott...
Copmany:Rande Trading Co.,ltd [shandongrizhao]
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FDA certified lollipop and cake pop paper sticks
  Heat Gun [2012-01-30 09:23:02]
Product Name: HEAT GUN Description:  Ideal for Heat shrink tube, soften the adhesive, forming of plastic materials, a...
Copmany:Wu-Hsing Electronics Co., Ltd. [台湾Taichung City]
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Heat Gun
  Tag Pin/Tag Gun/Tagging Machine/Tagging Attacher [2011-12-02 16:42:56]
Tag pins are the most economical, elegant and pilfer-proof way of attaching a "Tag Card" onto fabric, stuffed toys, textile articl...
Copmany:Shanghai Xinyue Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. []
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Tag Pin/Tag Gun/Tagging Machine/Tagging Attacher
  Plastic Grinder [2011-12-01 09:04:47]
This plastic grinder is applicable to grinding PVC, PE and PVA etc. Compared with other plastic grinder, with same power cons...
Copmany:Luxuriance Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd []
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Plastic Grinder
  Plastic Crusher [2011-12-01 08:58:19]
JT-C50 Specification: Motor: 60-100HP Rotary diameter: 500mm Inlet size: 1290x500 Rotary cutter: 15pcs Fixed cutter: 8pcs C...
Copmany:Dongguan Junyi Printing Factory []
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Plastic Crusher
  Plastic Grinding Machine [2011-11-28 16:04:52]
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Plastic Grinding Machine
  Pneumatic packing tool [2011-11-25 11:39:10]
Copmany:Cissco machine Co., ltd []
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Pneumatic packing tool
  paper slitting machine & slitter [2011-11-23 15:39:19]
XW-808A Aluminum Film Slitting Machine paper slitting machine & slitter  1.     Application This mach...
Copmany:Dongguan xinyuan packing material Co., LTD []
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paper slitting machine & slitter
  Cutting off machine tianhai [2011-11-23 15:23:37]
   cutting off machine tianhai    is the most popular cutting off machine all over the world .It is ma...
Copmany:longkou tianhai precision machinery co ltd []
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Cutting off machine  tianhai
  Packing machine/Welding machine/Cutting machine [2011-11-23 15:02:33]
Machines making: Welding Machine, Cutting Machine,Automatic Carton Sealer, Strapping Machine(full-automatic or semi-automatic), Wr...
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Packing machine/Welding machine/Cutting machine
  automatic tape dispenser [2011-11-23 13:46:25]
Features: 1. Freely adjust length, digital display. 2. Two shift moldes: automatic and manual 3. Length setting ...
Copmany:Shenzhen Banners Industry Ltd. []
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automatic tape dispenser
  Table Top Manual Clipper [2011-11-18 16:43:56]
Applications ● The single-clip machine is sultable for closing pre-cut casings, for portioning and closing bags, pl...
Copmany:huateng food processing machiney comany []
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Table Top Manual Clipper
  RT5000 Automatic tape dispensers/CE approval [2011-11-18 16:43:51]
Model RT5000 Output power AC220V/50Hz AC110V/60Hz Cutting tape type Apply for adhesive and non-adhesive tape Cutting ...
Copmany:X.L.T.International Electronics Co.,limited []
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RT5000 Automatic tape dispensers/CE approval
  Packing Cutters [2011-11-18 16:43:18]
Knife of packaging machine Packing cutters made according to customers' design
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Packing Cutters
  BFY-SZ Lifting Type Slitter Scorer [2011-11-18 16:40:12]
Features:   ◎ Slitting Part: adopt high quality tungsten steel blade, sharp and long work-life, slice more tidy...
Copmany:chendong carton packing machinery []
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BFY-SZ Lifting Type Slitter Scorer
  BOPP Tape Slitting Machine [2011-11-18 16:39:51]
Specification: Max. working widths: 1.3m/1.6m Jumb-roll unwind diameter: 800mm Mini. slitting&...
Copmany:Kunshan Furi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. []
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BOPP Tape Slitting Machine
  Blister packing cutting machine,Vacuum Forming cutting Machine [2011-11-18 16:18:26]
Feature Double oil cylinders,auto balance precise four pillars connecting rod structure,it makes differrent cut  plac...
Copmany:Quzhou Taiwei Precise Machinery Co., Ltd []
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Blister packing cutting machine,Vacuum Forming cutting Machine
  packing machine knife [2011-11-18 16:18:14]
BaoCheng specialises in industrial machine knives,include circular knives,straight knives,toothed knives.which are used for food p...
Copmany:BaoCheng Machine Knives ,Ltd []
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packing machine knife
  XW-202 Slitting machine [2011-11-17 17:21:43]
This machine is specially applicable for slitting operation of self-sticking adhesive tapes Adopting "pulling flat board" device t...
Copmany:Dongguan xinyuan packing material Co., LTD []
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XW-202 Slitting machine
  OPENX Package opener [2011-11-16 16:38:48]
OpenX s a new hand held tool specifically designed to safely and easily open plastic packages.Plastic packaging has revolutio...
Copmany:TianFang International Trade Co.,Ltd []
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OPENX Package opener
  Packaging Blades [2011-11-16 16:05:53]
Fujian fuzhou Feihong metal blade factory, founded in 2005, is specialized in the production blade, saw blade companies. Factory i...
Copmany:Fujian fuzhou Feihong metal blade factory []
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Packaging Blades
  Plastic Cutting Machine [2011-11-15 18:00:19]
 1. The operation is labor-saving and simple, with low malfunction, strong cutting force and high cutting speed.  2. T...
Copmany:Shanghai Chengen Machinery Co.,Ltd []
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Plastic Cutting Machine
  Latex Surgical Gloves [2011-11-11 17:01:47]
Disposable Surgical Latex Gloves. POWDER POWDER FREE Disposable Examnation Latex Gloves. POWDER POWDER FREE:    ...
Copmany:Digisk International Co.,Ltd []
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Latex Surgical Gloves
  Packaging knives [2011-11-11 08:44:47]
Packaging Knife Info Primary Competitive Advantages : •Well and High Quality Control •Prompt Delivery •Customer's Design...
Copmany:POLI Machine Knives Co.,Ltd []
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Packaging knives
  semiconductor packaging mould parts [2011-11-10 18:05:50]
Pot,Plunger tip,Shank,Runner insert,Gate,Gate insert,Cavity bar,Pin,Pilot pin,Round location p...
Copmany:Dalian Guoyu Precision Machinery,Co.,Ltd. []
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semiconductor packaging mould parts
  resin motor [2011-11-09 18:08:13]
 AC motor used in air conditioners or air cleaner machine Model:GAL019H40720-K01 Rated voltage: 220 to 240V Rated frequenc...
Copmany:Zhongshan Hongfang Printing Co.,Ltd []
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resin motor
  Packaging deduction [2011-11-09 17:56:57]
    Attachment - packaging deduction Description           &n...
Copmany:OUPACK Inc. []
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Packaging deduction
  TH3258 Additive Package for Universal Engine Oil lubricant additives [2011-11-09 17:53:56]
Description TH3258 is a universal engine oil additive package prepared from a variety of additives such as high grade detergent, ...
Copmany:Jinzhou DPF-TH Chemicals Co., Ltd. []
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TH3258 Additive Package for Universal Engine Oil lubricant additives
  Disposable Vinyl Gloves [2011-11-08 18:17:09]
Vinyl Gloves Powdered Clear colour Industrial and Food safe grade Size: Small,Medium,Large,Extra Large Packaging: 100PCS/b...
Copmany:Baohua Plastic& Rubber Packaging Co.,Ltd []
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Disposable Vinyl Gloves
  Cut carton blades [2011-11-08 17:56:35]
  Specification Length width thickness material 400×127×12.7 400 127 12.7 HSS CrWMn alloy stee...
Copmany:New Star Blades Co.,Ltd []
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Cut carton blades
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