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bienvenidos a lafs 2010

LAFS is one of the most important food and beverage exhibits in Latin America.

This year LAFS will become the most visited show of this type, having the most number of attendees from all countries in Latin America.

LAFS main objective is to offer an interesting mix of flavors and products from over 20 countries in the region by gathering in one place the exportable products and services from all around Latin America.

During this fifth edition we will reveal and inaugurate the new Sample Hall, the specialized Organic Hall, the Latin American Chef big final as well as a series of conferences and lectures for buyers, making LAFS the best choice to increase your sales throughout the Mexican and international markets.


LAFS main target are the food and beverage buyers from all around the world, so come to LAFS and discover the great variety of products that Latin America has to offer. Here you will find the right products to generate a competitive advantage over other brands in your specific market.

There could not be a better scenario for LAFS than Cancun. Due to its millions of visits per year and the more than 70,000 hotel rooms Cancun reflects the vast gastronomic culture of México as well as other Latin American countries.

LAFS is your passport to Latin America!


LAFS is one of the most important international food and beverages exhibitions in Latin America. It relies on a major number of exhibitor countries and is outlined to be the biggest and most concurred of all exhibitions. One of its main objectives is to assemble all the Latin American exportable food suppliers in the same place, offering an interesting mixture of products and countries.

Cancún Messe
Federal Highway 307 Reforma agraria- Puerto Juárez km. 329.5
Mz 3, L 1-02, Sm 52, Municipio de Benito Juárez, Cancún Qro.
See map (pdf archive, open in a new window)

Join efforts.

Take advantage of the diverse supports the Mexican government offers, adding them with related institutions from the other countries in Latin America, from which we have received multiple testimonies of solidarity and support.

Make the product and service offer more atractive.

Attract professional buyers from all over the world, which in their attendance to the LAFS, will discover the high quality and the diversity of scents and new flavours offered by the Latin American food industry.


Advertisement in the Expo directory

A LAFS exhibitor’s directory is going to be published with 15,000 copies. This directory would be addressed to a good segmented objective market: specialized buyers from supply stores, hotels and restaurants, in general, volume food products buyers from countries all over the world and that would be used as a reference guide at an international level.

After confirm their attendance as exhibitors at the LAFS they have the right to insert their trade mark and if their company require a more special advertisement, we have detailed the prices and measurements:


Type Measures Cost in USD
Gatefold 41 cm x 27 cm $ 12,000 USD
Back page 20.5 cm x 27 cm $ 8,000 USD
Inside front cover and inside back page 20.5 cm x 27 cm $ 6,000 USD
1st interior page 20.5 cm x 27 cm $ 5,500 USD
Interior page 20.5 cm x 27 cm $ 4,000 USD
Half Interior page 17 cm x 11.75 cm $ 2,000 USD
Discount cupons 8.50 cm x 8.50 cm $ 600

To unload information on prices for advertising in the Directory in PDF version, please Click here
For more information send an email to willy@lafs.com.mx



Sample Hall

Sample Hall

Organic Hall

Organic Hall



Latin American Chef

Latin American Chef


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