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2010 10th Vietnam International Packaging & Printing Industry Exhibition / Food Processing Industry


Packaging & Printing Industry Exhibition


The packaging sector is one of the most rapidly developing industries in Vietnam, driven by increased demand for consumer goods, foodstuffs and expanding Vietnamese exports of products requiring packaging.
Vietnam presently offers a strong combination of rapid economic growth, expanding personal incomes, and an excellent demographic profile that is fueling industrial production and consumer demand. These trends have led to packaging becoming one of the most rapidly developing industries in Vietnam. According to the Vietnam Packaging Association (Vinpas), the packaging sector is growing at least 15% - 20% per year.


At present, Vietnam has more than 900 packaging manufacturers, about 70 percent of which are located in the southern part of the country. The market may be broken down into five major types: (1) plastic packaging; (2) cardboard/paper; (3) metal containers; (4) glass; and (5) others.


New Business New Opportunity
Industrial production in April has shown signs of recovery, with a 5.4 per cent increase year-on-year, according to the General Statistic Office (GSO). The recovery could be seen in all three sectors. The private sector saw the biggest growth with 9.1 per cent, while the State sector saw 4 per cent and the foreign direct investment sector 3.1 per cent.
Domestic enterprises are paying increasing attention to product design and packaging, which has opened up more opportunities for the packaging industry in Viet Nam. As the economy has become more open, local enterprises are able to keep up to date with the latest trends in packaging and satisfy diverse demands.


- Packaging machines & appliances
- Packaging materials, packaging means & packaging aids
- Services for the packaging industry- Book binding


-Pre-press & pre-media
-Printing machinery, appliances & accessories
-Print finishing
-Paper converting - including packaging production




Food Processing Industry Exhibition


Over the past 5 years, the GDP growth increased by 15% per year in extended industry, 18.50% in manufacturing and services, 6.90% in machinery sector on average. There is also an increase of 22.16%/year in foreign capital investment area, 8.68%/year in national economic area averagely.


Nearly 80 percent of the Vietnamese population is involved in agriculture, which accounts for 30 percent of the GDP and 40 percent of the nation's exports.


Although the demand for machinery and equipment in the industry is huge, the domestic machinery industry cannot satisfy the internal demand because (despite some skill in copying and reverse-engineering) it has proven poor in design and quality. For the most part, domestic equipment is used in small scale processing factories. Medium and larger food processing enterprises and even smaller firms producing high quality products must rely on imported machinery and equipment. The food processing sector is forecast to maintain an average annual growth rate of 10 – 15 percent for the short term.



Packaging & Printing Industry Exhibition


  • Packaging Machines
    Packaging Machinery and Materials, Filling Machines, Conveyor Belts And Systems, Bag Filling / Sealing Machines, Tin Can Closing / Sealing Machines, Case / Corrugated Board, Sealing Machines, Case Transporters, Emptiers, Weight Control Plants, Confectionary Paper Wrapping Machines, Dosage Control Machines, Distribution Machines, Food Packaging Machines, Form / Fill / Seal Machines, Heat Sealing Machines, Cold Sealing Machines, Shrink Wrap Machines, Skin Wrap Machines, Sleeve Packaging Machines, Stretch Wrapping Machines, Twist Tying Machines, Twist Packaging Machines , Vacuum And Gas - Loaded Packaging, Thermoform Vacuum Packaging , Machines Labelling Machines, Inkjet Systems,
    Handle Attachment Machines 



  • Packaging Production
    Plastic Raw Materials, Masterbatches, Additives, Process Auxiliaries, Colorants, And Inks,
    Tin/ Aluminum And Other Metal Raw Materials, Plastic Films/ Foils/ Sheets, Kraftpaper/ Cardboard And Other Raw Materials, Machinery And Equipment For Production Of Various Packaging Materials, All Kinds Of Test And Control Equipment For Process Control And Finished Products Tests, Equipment And Tools For Producing Models, Packaging Design Services


  • Package and Packaging Process
    Wood Packaging, Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (Fibc), Intermediate Bulk Containers (Ibc), Glass Containers, Labels, Cardboard Packaging, Paper Based Packaging, Laminated Multi - Layered Packaging Metal Packaging, Board And Corrugated , Board Boxes , Rigid Plastic Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Plastic Bags, Plastic Sacks, Natural Fibre Packaging,
    Air - Tight Boxes, Contract Packaging


  • Packaging Aid Products
    Packaging Rings, String/Cord/ Rope, Closures, Protective Corners, Nets, Separator, Load Sling, Adhesive Tapes, Cushioning Supplies


  • Services for Packaging Industry
    Institution, Related Publications, Advisory Services, Sectoral Organizations, Related Test, Experiment And Development Laboratories 



Food Processing Industry Exhibition


  • Food Processing Machinery & Turn-key Industrial Plant:
    Bakery Machinery, Equipment for Production of Rice Noodle, Chinese Food Making Machine, Mixer, Rice Related Machine, Fish & Meat Processing Machine, Equipment for Production of Various Snack Food,Noodle Making Machine, Baking Oven, Instant Noodle Marking Machine, Encrusting, Vibro Separator/Filter, Dryer, Grinding Mill, Crusher & Pulverizer


  • Beverage Manufacturing Machinery:
    Equipment for Production of Dairy Products, Equipment for Production of Canned Food, Edible Oil Making Machine, Bean Curd Making Machine, Juice Making Equipment, Equipment for Production of Alcohol, Equipment for Production of Mineral Water, Soybean/Rice Grinding Machine


  • Food Preparation Machinery:
    Boilers, Frozen Shrimp & Vegetables Trimming Equipment, Frying, Food Processor & Blender,


  • Refrigeration Equipment:
    Ice Making Machine, Refrigerating Cabinet, Freezers, Aircondition Car


  • Garbage Disposal & Sanitation Equipment:
    Waste Water Treatment Equipment, Water Purification Equipment, Sterilize Equipment


  • Testing/Measuring Machines:
    Analyzing Machine, Testing Machine, Measuring Machine


  • Food Additives:
    Food Grade Additives, Enzyme & Enzyme Extract, Food Industry Turnkey / Whole Plant Project, Food Processing & Preparation Machinery, Beverage Processing & Preparation Machinery, Hotel / Restaurant / Catering Equipment & Accessories, Bakery Equipment, Food Packing Machinery, Refrigeration Equipment, Food Industry Disposal & Sanitation Equipment, Testing / Measuring Machinery, Vending Machinery, Pharmaceutical (Health Food) Equipment

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