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Exhibition Cooperation


Packaging Materials


Eco-friendly Materials, Paper, Paperboard, Paper Containers, Corrugated Cardboard, Plastic, Metal, Glass, Binding & Sealing Materials, Cushioning Materials, Functional Materials, Nonwoven Fabric, Oxygen Absorbers, Film, Sheet, Label, Seal, Ink, Adhesives, Cap, Wooden Materials, Other Packaging Containers, Other Packaging Materials, etc.


Packaging Machinery


Weighing, Counting, Overwrapping, Filling (Liquid, Viscous, Powder & granule, Solid materials etc.), Canning, Gas Flushing, Vacuum Packaging, Bag feeding & Packaging, Pillow Packaging, Sealing, Closuring, Stick-pack / Tube / Film Packaging, Shrink Packaging, Form, Fill & Seal, Blister packaging, Blow Mold Form, Labeler, Printer, Binding, Casing, Manpower Saving, Turn - key System, etc.


Packaging Related Converting Machinery


Printing, Blow Molding, Injection Molding, Forming, Paper Processing, Plastics Processing, Extruder, Bag Making, Box Making, Can Making, Bottle Making, Box Assembling, Thermoforming, Laminating, Stamping, Slitting, Cutting, Cushioning Material Making, etc.


Food and Pharmaceutical Processing Machinery


Food Processing, Bread & Confectionery Making, Meat Processing, Dairy Processing, Freezer, Dehydrator, Dryer, Retort Oven, Sterilizing, Steaming, Sanitary products, HACCP/GMP Engineering, Pharmaceutical Processing, Other related machines etc.


Packaging and Environment Related Machinery


Testing, Metal Detector, Inspector, Analyzer, X-ray Foreign Matter Detector, Sorting, Various Indicator, Washer, Separator, Shredder, Disposer, Compressor, Accumulator, Elemental Technology, Packaging waste collector & Conveyor, Recycling facilities, Pollution Prevention, Environmental Consulting, etc.


Packaging Design and Service


Packaging Design, Packaging & OEM/ODM, Brand Engineering, Testing/Inspection Services, Packaging Design/Standards Services, Packaging Related System/Software (CAD/CAM), Packaging consultant, Other Design Services, etc.


Distribution Systems and Equipment


Traceability System, RFID, Distribution IT Systems, Storing Equipment, Delivery Equipment, Sorting & Picking Systems, Trailers, Casters, Conveyors, Shelves, Pallets, Containers, Palletizer, Depalletizer, Hoists, Chain blocks, Table lifters, Hand lifters, Sensors & Operation control systems, Information Processing Equipment, etc.



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