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Ultrasonic welding machines for special purposes/Automatic Welding Machine for SD Card Name:Ultrasonic welding machines for special purposes/Automatic Welding Machine for SD Card

This machine can assembly the upper and downward caps and PCB switch automatically. Then the assembled parts move to Ultrasonic Welding Station. After welding is completed, the welded parts then move to Check Station. The entire process is automatic. No operators is needed for inserting and assembling unwelded parts.

This welder is suitable for welding different kinds of transformers by replacing suitable component holders.
Equipped with electric heating printing device to stamp manufacturing date and lot number.
Operating method: Put the transformer to be welded on the component holder, automatic feeding, welding, thermal printing, end product ejection.

Automatical welding process. The welding machine can divide welded parts into good and bad parts. the bad welded parts will be ejected from Bad Parts Funnel before move to Check Station.
Equipped with RINCO PCSII generator which controls: (1) Downward stroke depth with optical meter; accuracy 0.01mm, (2) Maximum and Minimum of welding energy, (3) Welding time; accuracy 0.01s. When the actual measurements are higher or lower than the setup limits of above-mentioned parameters, the generator will send out error messanges to PLC. By this, the good and bad welded parts are divided into different groups. The welding data can be stored.
12 station index and speed-adjustable motor are adapted to connect to the assembly machinery. Once the accembly machinery is error, the welding machine can still work with manual feeding assembled parts.
Touch type PLC interface is used to control all movements of this machine.
Equipped with RINCO MP3512 ultrasonic press machine, the welding travel can be adjusted precisely. Accuracy 0.01mm.

CAPACITY: 20~35 pcs./min.

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