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SLS Solid Liquid Separation Unit Name:SLS Solid Liquid Separation Unit
SLS Solid liquid separation unit Product Description www.dewaterintel.com 1. Introduction The separation unit is a kind of effective and continuous separation and dehydration equipment, which adopts the method of first rapid solid-liquid coarse filtration and then screw extrusion. The principle of fast solid-liquid primary filter is centrifugal separation technology. The main parts are: transmission part, body, screen and other components. The principle of solid-liquid separator is screw extrusion solid-liquid separation technology. The main components are: body, screen, extrusion winch, reducer, discharge device and other components. It is widely used in livestock manure, slaughtering sewage, distiller's grains, potato dregs, wood processing enterprise sewage, biogas dregs liquid-solid separation, Chinese medicine dregs dehydration, food industry materials and so on. It is an ideal equipment for solid-liquid separation of blister manure. Solid liquid separation This machine has the characteristics of small area, simple operation and convenient maintenance, which makes its feeding more stable. At the same time, it can process liquid materials and high water content solid materials. Our company has experienced more than five years of production experience, and has carried out many technical improvements on the spiral extrusion solid-liquid separator. 2.waste recycle organic fertilizer making machine advantages 1. The liquid material can be directly used for crops as organic fertilizer. 2. The solid manure can be shipped to regions that the lack of fertilizer to improve the soil structure. What's more, mix in the grass, bran stirring, adding strain fermentation, can be made of organic compound fertilizer granulation. 3.Can be made into granular feed, fish feed for good. 4.For flowers/special economic crop fertilization, can improve soil organic matter. 5.The sale of organic fertilizer can acquire additional economic benefits.
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