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Waterproof Breathable Film Extrusion Line Name:Waterproof Breathable Film Extrusion Line
The breathable film allows air to circulate while keeping out moisture. More than 5 years of experience in researching and manufacturing the breathable film extrusion line allows us to gain advanced extrusion technologies. From the raw material plastification and casting to the final stretch forming, each process presents a challenge to HANDERN's expertise.  In comparison to other Chinese film extrusion lines, our extrusion equipment exhibits many unique advantages in configuration optimization, energy saving, and manufacturing and processing technologies. Overall performance tests show that each and every technical specification of our extrusion machine reaches internationally advanced level. As a matter of fact, HANDERN plastics extrusion line is among the fastest, most advanced Chinese equipment for producing breathable films.  The water vapor transmission rate of the resulting film from our plastics extrusion line, if measured at the temperature of 37ºC and relative humidity of 90%, is up to 8000g/m2(24h). As the state-of-the-art polymeric material, the breathable film has much higher processing technology requirements than ordinary water-proof materials. As far as material quality is concerned, the breathable film has far more desirable functionalities than other water-proof materials.  Applications  Personal hygiene products: tampons, baby diapers, green scrubs, disposable bed sheet  Daily necessities: raincoat, gloves, waterproof clothing  Building products: breathable materials, etc.  Technical Specifications  Breathable Film Width 1200mm-2600mm Linear Speed of the Extrusion Equipment 100-180 m/min Breathable Film Thickness 0.015mm-0.08mm Maximum Production Capacity 200-300-400-500-600KG/h Corporate Culture Continuous improvement and innovation; pursuit perfect quality; honest business; creating value for customers Just give us your ideas and allow us do the best! www.handern.net www.handern.com Tel:13986280012 QQ:2233046434 Wuhan Handern Machinery Co.,Ltd
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