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Air cushion machines > Airworks® Films Name:Air cushion machines > Airworks® Films

Prod. no.: 440207008 
Description: PE-Co-ex tubular film LPack, 100m/roll 
Bag 100x120mm, 40µm



The Airworks® CIRRUS air cushion film

The development and production of films and machines comes from one source at Airworks®.

And with an ingenious concept:
With AirStop technology, the seams of the air cushions do not have to be completely fused. 
Only the insides of the films melt. 
The stable material structure of the outside remains intact. The seams are thereby no longer just weak points and guarantee the highest degree of security and durability.

But the machines profit, as well: They contain no consumable parts and are almost zero-maintenance. 

A wide variety of film sizes, compatible with every application 
Airworks® has developed a unique, HDPE-based material composition. 
It is used for all CIRRUS films and is characterized by high durability. 
These anti-static films are extruded and processed in our own facilities.
Naturally, CIRRUS film is recyclable. 

At Airworks®, environmental protection is taken seriously. 
For that reason, a compostable bio-film is now available. 
All CIRRUS films receive a special surface treatment that enables printing with your logo or your marketing message. 
The air cushion bags are extruded from an HDPE film, in an optimally coordinated and proven mixture. 
They are characterized as much as by their excellent cold and heat resistance (minus 50 to plus 90 degrees Celsius) as by their great strength with thin film gauge. 
The specially tailored mixture creates an enormous improvement in durability.


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