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Gold Job Industrial Co., Ltd.

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»  Form-Fill-3-Side Seal Packaging Machine(GJ-101)
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»  Auger Filling Machine(GJ-2001)

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Product Description
Form-Fill-3-Side Seal Packaging Machine(GJ-101) Name:Form-Fill-3-Side Seal Packaging Machine(GJ-101)
Brand:Gold Job


3-side sealing. Dosing by material
volume or auger volume; suitable
for small quantity packaging, pellet
or powder material. Such as
powder soup / spice, coffee powder,
milk powder... etc.

Interlace metering and filling packaging machine has human machine interface (HMI) control for easy operating.
The length control uses Mitsubishi servo motor to reach precision measuring.
PLC controller uses Mitsubishi system from Japan. Sealing operation uses cam and spring loaded action to reach stable sealing.
Sensor calibration is done automatically by the PLC algorithm.
The entire machine is constructed by stainless steel.
Cam type sealing mechanism. Sheet length is controlled by a servomotor. Advanced control interface and computer - controlled operation ensure consistent and reliable packaging results.
Easy change bag side and bag length computer set.
Registration mark by computer control.
To clap sealing. No film to destroy and hole circumstances sealingairtight stable.
Cam sealing a mechanism.
Packing sealing true.
Film length set easy by computer an operation to supply film high.

Packaging Weight: 1 ~ 50 g Powder Pack
Packaging Speed: 40 ~ 120 bags/min (depends on material)
Film Roll Width Range: (L) 30 ~ 145 mm, (W) 40 ~ 220 mm 
Electricity Consumption: 220V, 3 Phase
Power Consumption: 1.8 w/peak

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