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Product Description 
Infrared sauna room gw-101 Name:Infrared sauna room gw-101
Brand:Cheap sauna
Specs:Cheap sauna


  Dimensions (mm)

90(L) X 90(D) X 190(H)cm 


1 Person

    Dual control panel:


    Gross weight (kg)





4 pcs

    Operating temperature:

15--60 centigrade



    FM/CD Player or MP3,MP4:



    Carton Size:   186x99x33/111x99x22CM

    Spa Sauna

    Roof & background lighting

    Wood: Hemlock/Red cedar/White pine

    power switch Of 4 Color therapy lights

    All the high-voltage have put Metal Hose

    All parts are certified by ETL or UL

    All items are words plug socket

    Oxygen Bar

    Temperature Sensor

    outside control panel/inside control panel


1. Sauna room benefits :

1. Detoxify and lose weight
2. Enjoy radiant and youthful skin
3. Find relief from pain
4. Healthy for your heart
5. Reduce unsightly cellulite
6. Wake up your immune system and combat the effects of daily stress
7. Enhance other treatment and exercise
8. Increases blood circulation
9. Ease joint pain and stiffness 
10. Remove stress and fatigue
11. Interior and Exterior Lighting 
12. Exquisite Exterior Details 
13. No Visible Clips or Screws
14. With CD player
15.May burn up to 600 calories per sauna session (30 minutes) 


3.Whole body magnetic therapy system

 This is a green physical health-care system.According to the human body meridian theory, Setting with health care magnetic beads in many places of the sauna room, strong line of magnetic force stimulates the human body acupuncture point, so as to prompt micro circulation, eliminate fatigue and relieve pain.


4.How to use a sauna room

1.   In general, you need 2 hours time, 2 large towels (1 to dry yourself, 1 to lie down on), bathing shoes and soap.

2.   Always take a shower before using the sauna - for hygienic reasons and to remove the greasy film on your skin, which delays the sweating process.

3.   You have to be dry when going into the sauna (wet skin prevents sweating).

4.   It’s recommended to prepare yourself for the heat with a warming foot bath (3-5 minutes).

5.   Please be quiet inside the sauna.

6.   Please always sit or lie on a large enough towel (so that there is enough room for your feet).
Good to know: warmth rises, therefore it’s hotter on the upper benches. The higher you sit in the sauna, the hotter is the air. Beginners should sit down on the lower or middle benches.

7.   In case you lie down in the sauna, you should sit up straight for the last 2 minutes and play with your legs to enhance your blood circulation so that the blood doesn’t drop down in the lower body and cause vertigo.

8.   Don’t force yourself to stay. As soon as you feel unwell, leave the sauna immediately. Your health is always the most important thing.
A sauna bath takes between 8 and 12 minutes, 15 minutes maximum. After that time you should leave the sauna.


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