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Product Description
High Pressure Homogenizer Name: High Pressure Homogenizer
Brand: Geo Hon
Specs: /

Product Description

    • The Homogenizer of our company is used 3 horizontal, piston plug via crank shaft to be driven and the raw material be sucked in. After the raw material go through the 6 sets non-return valve, use 200 BAR pressure sending through one set two stages homogenizing valve and be exhausted by the discharge.
    • All parts contact with raw material are made from stainless steel. The anti-wear parts are special stainless steel with heat treatment.
    • All stainless steel material of homogenizer are resistance against CIP acid and caustic cleaning, no corrosion.
    • The first stage of homogenizing valve is closing type concentric ring for the better efficiency of homogenizing.
    • Pressure adjusting of the homogenizing valve is used manual control, with sanitary diaphragm manometer. Anti-shock oil inside the manometer to extend the use life.
    • All real and gasket contact with raw material all acid; caustic and heat resistant also meet the requirement of good sanitary.
    • Crank shaft box inside the machine, use lubricant for lubrication and cooling, also have oil sight-glass, oil refill and exhaust hale.
    • The motor is placed on the top of hank shaft box; to reduce the height of homogenizing head, for easy to maintenance, also increase the suction capacity.
    • Transmission by the oil belt, no use of gear, to reduce the noise and vibration.
    • With electric current amp meter, to displace the power current consumption.
    • All cover with stainless steel plate.


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