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Spiral Wound Gasket/asbestos/graphite/PTFE/metal spiral wound gasket Name:Spiral Wound Gasket/asbestos/graphite/PTFE/metal spiral wound gasket

Spiral Wound Gaskets can be used to seal fluid pressure up to 250 bar cryoprnices temperature as low as -200°C and up to elevated temperature of 1000°C. Spiral Wound Gaskets are widely used in the oil, gas, petrochemical process and engineering industries.The spiral wound gaskets is made up of winding material body and inner/outer ring.There are spiral wound gaskets with ss304/ss304L tape+graphite/asbestos/PTFE tape,spiral wound gaskets made of ss316/ss316L tape+graphite/asbestos/PTFE tape,spiral wound gaskets made of ss321 tape+grphite/asbestos/PTFE tape,spiral wound gaskets made of other metallic tape+asbestos/graphite/PTFE tape,spiral wound gaskets winding body with ss304/ss304L/ss316/ss316L/carbon steel  inner ring,spiral wound gaskets winding body with ss304/ss304L/ss316/ss316L/carbon steel outer ring,spiral wound gaskets winding body with both ss304/ss304L/ss316/ss316L/carbon steel  inner ring and ss304/ss304L/ss316/ss316L/carbon steel outer ring.

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