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Chen Yueh Machinery Co., Ltd.

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»   Automatic Forming Cup/ Box Packing Machine
»  Professional Manufacture of Pudding Bakery Machiney and Turn-key plant project
»  Whole plant equipment for manufacturing of jelly

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Product Description
Professional Manufacture of Pudding Bakery Machiney and Turn-key plant project Name:Professional Manufacture of Pudding Bakery Machiney and Turn-key plant project
The function of each equipment
  1. Egg solution preparation, syrup solution preparation, protein foaming.
  2. Placement the baking platesautomatic place the cupegg solution Filling syrup solution fillingbubbles filling
  3. Automatic the baking plates and water plates and water plates assembly and de-assembly.
  4. Double layer pudding with two-stages baking/roastingwater Plates automatic de-assemblywater plates circulation using.
  5. Automatic 1st stage cooling after finished pudding baking/roasting process.
  6. Pudding bakery automatic leave from baking platesautomatic place The Aluminum sealing film.
  7. Sealing film automatic checkingprinting the datesealing
  8. Final product automatic whole rank verticals down to convey
  9. The final product sealed then perform 2nd stage coolingEnd product

Products procedures


Baking plates and water plates automatic assembly and de-assembly automatic Whole rank to 1st stage baking 2nd stage baking.



The Lay-out for all equipments on production line for pudding Bakery

  1. Hot-water Vessel

  2. Hot water heated store tank for constant temperature

  3. Hornogenizer

  4. Hot water headed agitating tank

  5. Bubbles agitating tank

  6. Filling machine

  7. Combination units of water pan and pallet

  8. Control switch cabinet for oven

  9. Conveyor for moving the whole rank of product plates

  10. Double layer continuous baking/roasting machine

  11. Conveyor for moving whole rank

  12. 1st stage cooler

  13. Cold air processing/ handing unit

  14. The device for the plate moves loading/ unloading

  15. Auto Sealing and Packing Machine

  16. The Turning angle top plate whole rank conveyor

  17. Continuous lifting machine

  18. Cleaning and sterilizing machine for product plates

  19. Pallet alignment for placing elevator

  20. 2nd stage cooler

  21. Printing machine

  22. Conveyor of discharging port with turning angle top plate type

  23. The whole production line connected/ plates

Final products of pudding Bakery

Fully automatic cup filling and box packing machine

Cooling Tank for Automatic Overlapping Type Sterilization


Auto ranking sterilizing and cooling unit


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