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Sell Granulating Equipment > Centrifugal Spheroid Granule Machine SY-SM-700 TYPE

Centrifugal Spheroid Granule Machine



In the development of spherical granule technology, the development for tiny granule is the focus. SHANG YUH introduces Spherical granule Machine to meet the requirement. The granulation process is that before extruding operation the solid raw materials need be well mixed with the liquids. Then the mixed ingredients go through this Spherical Granule Machine to have its Spherical Granule. The dispersing ability, flow ability, moisture content stability, granule durability and outlook appearance of spherical granules become excellent after this process.
Centrifugal force is the processing force. The mixed ingredients are spun at high speed in a grooved disk by centrifugal force. With the spinning force to push the ingredients to contact grooved disk, the mixed ingredients are shaped into spherical granule.

Because of high spinning force and grooved disk, the granules are formed to same size and shape. The granule yield rate is over 90%, the rework is less that results in clean working place and low production cost. As for heat sensible ingredients there is a cooling jacked to protect ingredient from overheating. Continuous production could be designed based on client' request.
Model SY-SM-230 SY-SM-400 SY-SM-700 VH/VL SY-SM-1000 VH/VL
OPERATION VOLUME/FULL VOLME 1L / 5L 4L / 18L 20L / 90L 60L / 275L
DIMENSION (LXWXH) 110X540X1000 1300X700X1200 2200X1100X1400 2400X1400X1500
REVOLUTION (r.p.m) 280~1120 r.p.m 250~1000 r.p.m VH50HZ 150~600r.p.m VH50HZ 52~208r.p.m
340~1350 r.p.m 300~1200 r.p.m 60HZ 180~720r.p.m 60HZ 60~250r.p.m
TOTAL WEIGHT (APP.) approx. 430kg approx. 710kg approx. 1,300kg approx. 1,650kg
Pharmaceuticals、foods (health foods)、chemical ingredients and foods additives.
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