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Sell Material Feeding / Recovering Equipment > Capsule Pressurize Air Released Machine Tablet Making

Capsule Pressurize Air Released Machine


Vessel Structure
Air release vessel is complete sanitary stainless steel to manufacture and polishing treatment; there have tight clip and gasket fittings for airtight operation. There are relate whole accessories on the inside of the vessel to set capsule products which are recover and to proceed high pressure releasing and powder medicine recovering process.

Pressurize Device
There are pressure control apparatus on the inside of the control box; moreover, there have related manual valve and safety installation on the side of the vessel.

These installations can to regulate and control the compressed air into vessel to proceed transient pressurize and presently free effective function.

Capsule product.
Cause for capsule products that are not conforming to Standard Procedure for pharmaceutical industry and some capsule products can't use cause form damage for hospital and dispensary or clinic. And these capsule products are unable to use because their shell is damage or fault, but the powder medicines on the inside of the capsule are effective and in good condition. At present, general processing method is integrate collect all damage capsule products, and furthermore to use factitious way to recover powder medicines. This tradition way not only waste time and manpower, but also to bring pollute of products easily and has brought about lower recover efficiency.

In consideration of above-mentioned reason, this machine to use high-pressure release principle to free capsule products. This machine function not only can reduce pollution condition of powder medicines, but also to proceed batch production plan. Furthermore, the machine can be great scale recover procedure and achieve both lower evterprise prime cost and resource recycle double benefit.
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