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»  Instant heat sealing machine electromagnetic electric 45cm FS -450
»  Instant heat sealing machine electromagnetic electric 30cm (vertical) FS -300
»  Instant heat sealing machine electromagnetic electric 30cm FS -300
»  Instant heat sealing machine electromagnetic electric 60cm FS -600
»  Thermostatic electric 30cm electromagnetic sealing machine installation ribbon printing machine Elec
»  Desktop installation of horizontal continuous sealing machine ribbon printing machine HOT PRODUCT
»  Continuous pumping floor sealer FD-1010
»  Stainless Steel Horizontal Continuous Sealing Machine FD-980AI
»  Vertical Continuous Sealing Machine FD
»  Floor Horizontal Continuous Sealing Machine FD-1100C
»  Hand pressure type Date Coding DPH 340
»  Hand Date Coding DH 8D
»  Models can be added to any date marking machine Printer
»  Date Coding A 25
»  Desktop electric Date Coding DH-8DMS
»  cuum machine DN201207131533
»  Vacuum machine DN201207131531
»  Outside pumping mini vacuum machine DN201207131520
»  Outside pumping vacuum machine DN201207131510
»  Outside pumping vacuum sealer
»  Outside pumping vacuum sealer Vacuum Sealer
»  Outside pumping vacuum sealer Vacuum Sealers
»  Vacuum sealing machine Lightweight vacuum sealer
»  Vacuum sealing machine DZ-400
»  Vacuum sealing machine DZ-500/2E
»  Vacuum sealing machine
»  Nose instantaneous thermal sealing machine NSC-300/400/500
»  Foot-sided heat sealing machine - date machines can be installed NSD-300/450/600/700
»  Thermostatic Foot Sealer CP 300
»  Foot-sided heating 45cm sealing machine NSP- 450(mm)
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Company Introduction
    ENTERPRISE CO., LTD is the only sealer most complete factory. The company was established since 1975 inception, 30 years of experience, so the macro wild brand products have been subject to various types of domestic and foreign manufacturers of love, from the design, manufacture, maintenance, retail, wholesale, all sectors of the industry also accept OEM and ODM advanced . Over the years, we have been constantly developing new product improvements; excellent quality, good service, welcome to obtain catalogs and exhibitions! Our product range include - "electrical electromagnetic sealing machine", "instant heat sealing machine," "direct thermal sealer", "portable sealer", "foot-sealing machine", "stainless steel outer pumping foot vacuum sealer "," ultrasonic nail box machine "and other various types of sealing machine. Thanks for your support! Let us have the opportunity to serve your service, welcome cooperation in export.

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Location: Taiwan - New Taipei City
Zip Code/Addess: 22058/NO.11-12,Alley 46,Lane 153, Sec.2,Daguan Rd.,Banciao City,Taipei County 22058,Taiwan(R.O.C) Map
Contact: Mr. Lui
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