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T&G Packing Machine Co.,Ltd.

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Products Index
»  Bottle Feeding/Collection Turntable ∮800 Turntable TT-800
»  Thermal Transfer Printing System > Thermal Transfer Printing System TM-250
»  Facial Mask Packaging Machine > High-speed Facial Mask Packaging Machine MP-820
»  Facial Mask Planishing Machine > Facial Mask Planishing Machine ML-080
»  Induction Cap Sealing Machine > Induction Cap Sealing Machine (Desktop Type) CS-050
»  Induction Cap Sealing Machine > Principle of aluminum foil sealing
»  Automatic Sheet Dispenser > High-Speed Automatic Feeding Machine (Material-Gathering Type) AI-250
»  Leak Testing Machine > Automatic Leak Testing Machine LT-130
»  Labeling Machine > Multifunctional Bottle Labeling Machine LA-325
»  Labeling Machine > Automatic Top Labeling Machine LA-100
»  Labeling Machine > Automatic Round Bottle Positioning Labeling Machine LA-250
»  Labeling Machine > Labeling Machine (Support-stand Type) LA-120
»  Leak Testing Machine > Leak Testing Machine LT-330
»  Label Rewinding Machine > Rewinding Label machine LR-600
»  Labeling Machine > Desktop Top Labeling Machine LA-105
»  Labeling Machine >Desktop Round-Bottle Labeling Machine LA-255
»  2-in-1 Filling Capping Machine > Automatic Filling & Capping Machine (Linear Type) FC-940
»  2-in-1 Filling Capping Machine > Automatic Filling Capping Machine FC-225
»  Filling Capping Machine >Semi-auto Filling & Capping Machine FC-100
»  Capping Machine >Automatic Capping Machine (Star-wheel Type) CP-510
»  Capping Machine > Desktop Semi-Auto Single Head Capping Machine CP-015
»  Automatic Filling Machine > Semi-automatic Filling Machine with Peristaltic Pump FL-030
»  Automatic Filling Machine > Automatic Eight Nozzles Filling Machine FL-780
»  Automatic Filling Machine > Automatic Six Nozzles Filling Machine FL-760
»  Automatic Filling Machine >Automatic Four Nozzles Filling Machine FL-740
»  Automatic Filling Machine > Semi-automatic Volumetric Filling Machine FL-152
»  Bottle Rinsing Machine > Bottle Rinsing Machine RS-630
»  Turnkey Solutions / Customized Machines
»  Automatic Feeding Machine >Automatic Feeding Machine (Standard Type) AI-250CV / AI-450CV
»  Induction Cap Sealing Machine > Induction Cap Sealing Machine CS-300
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Company Introduction
    [About us] T&G is established by a professional and conscientious team specialized in the filed of packing machines for many years. To provide best quality and service to all customers is our core goal. • Specialized in various packing machines, including Labeling machine, Filling machine and Capping machine, etc. Not only manufacturing packing machines, but also offering “Turnkey Solutions“ to clients. • Our products are adaptable for different industries, such as Metal hardware, Food, Chemical Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology, etc. • Latest CNC equipment to produce most spare parts on our own for ensuring high quality of the spare parts and assembles. • A lot of patented items, such as: • 2-in-1 filling & capping machine, • Paper/card/bag-dispensing machine, • Interlocked guide rail system, which is our exclusive technique to become the first manufacturer in Taiwan. Very few suppliers in the world have this kind of product. [Why choose us? ] T&G has developed inventive patented products since the company was established. Experienced service team is dedicated to satisfy different requests at all time. • Focus on simplifying and improving the products for better user interface and longer durability. • “Tool-free changeover design” helps customers highly raising their production efficiency. • Good at integration and customized projects for all kinds of demands. “Best quality, brilliant service and innovational design” are the reasons why many customers choose T&G and become our royal users.

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Company Description
Location: Taiwan - Taichung City
Zip Code/Addess: 41263/No.50, Ln. 233, Caoti Rd., Dali Dist., Map
Contact: Candy Lu
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