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Tetra Pak

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»  Tetra Pak A3/Flex
»  Tetra Pak A3/Speed
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»  Tetra Pak A1 for TFA
»  Tetra Pak A1 for TCA

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Company Introduction
    About Tetra Pak
Every day, across the world billions of litres of water, milk, juice and other liquid foods are consumed. At Tetra Pak, we have developed a range of packages to protect both the nutritional value and the​ taste of the products inside. Thanks to Tetra Pak technology, the packaging and distribution of liquid products to the consumer has been greatly facilitated.​

“A package should save more than it costs.”
This was the tenet of the founder of Tetra Pak, Dr. Ruben Rausing, who initiated the development of the tetrahedron shaped package. The fundamental idea was to form a tube from a roll of plastic-coated paper, fill it with the beverage and seal it below the level of the liquid.

Today, Tetra Pak offers much more than just packaging equipment for liquid food products. We also provide a range of processing and packaging technologies for use with a broad array of products, from ice cream and cheese to fruit, vegetables and pet food. We supply complete systems for processing, packaging and distribution, designed to optimise the use of resources. Our processing systems are not only developed to treat the products gently, but also to minimise the use of raw materials and energy during manufacture and subsequent distribution. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and to enhancing the environmental performance of our products and solutions, including the continued development of environmentally efficient packages that protect food and prevent it from being wasted.​

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Tetra Pak E..
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Tetra Pak T..
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Company Description
     Location: Taiwan - Taoyuan City
     Zip Code/Addess: 333/No.4, Wenming 3rd St., Guishan Dist., Taoyuan City 333, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Map
     Contact: MIss. Huang
     Contact Us: 点击发送e-mail给对方
     Registration Time: 2018-04-13 15:03:13
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