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[Sell] »test 2009-01-03 12:27:20
[Sell] »BOX MAKING MACHINES 2009-01-03 09:27:45
     This machine is suitable for gluing & pasting of corrugated box flap instead of stitching. The unique feature of the machine is that it can be used for both inside & outside pasting. Two piece cartons can also be glued and pasted with the help of this machine.
[Sell] »HM-ZD240 Automatic box making machine 2009-01-03 09:26:34
     HM-ZD240  Automatic box making machine is now chinas most advanced and efficient equipment of producing perfect bottom-locked cardboard cartons like shoe boxes, shirt boxes, garment boxes, gift boxes, chocolate boxes ect. Adopt Panasonic PLC, operable colorful screen, smoothly finishing cover paper feeding, gluing, board folds, corner sealing, inner box manually positioning, rail-arms picking, coating and flaps bend. Malfunction parameters setting and breakdown auto-display Timing for glue pre-heating Glue circulating pump Suckers leveling auto-revising Auto-equaliza...
[Sell] »High Frequency PVC/PET Box Making Machine 2009-01-03 09:24:36
     model: WS-15000Z power output: 15000W Voltage: 50/60HZ  AC380V  3P power input:25KVA Oscillation Tube:8T85RB Anti-Spark Thyratron Tube: NL5557 Rectifier:EILICON DIODE Gap of Electrodes: 150MM Dimension of Upper Board:700*800MM Dimension of lowrer Board:800*1000MM the style of send feed: air compressure the width of the feed belt: 800MM the style of compressure: air-compressure to oil-compressure the biggest power:10ton the cool style: wind cool
[Sell] »LXORITE full servo control vacuum suction automatic flexo printer,Box making machine 2009-01-03 09:23:14
     Control Unit l       Computer centralized control, Rexroth Bosch Group servo drivers l       All position adjustments controlled by PLC, encoder tracking l       Each unit equipped with man-machine interface, easy to operate, accurate on adjustment l       Remote after service can be realized Feeding Unit l       Apply lead edge paper feeding patent technology, feed all types of corrugated paper board accurately and speedily...
[Sell] »HM-ZD240 automatic box making machine 2009-01-03 09:20:34
     Features Specifications: HM-ZD240 automatic box making machine automatic box making machine characteristic: automatic paper feed by feida device Equip heat exchange gluing systme four corner pasting at one time with galvanothemy melting point device air pump belt control by the division device orientation of the box and paper wrap control by adjust device, error between 0.2mm automatic pick up device between the conveyor belt and box forming machine series step of box molding for box putting in coating and folding edge auto mulfunction diagnoses and P...
[Sell] »Semi-auto Strapping Machine 2009-01-03 09:13:24
     Semi-auto strapping machine adopts imported parts and electrical components, takes polythene plastic strap as binding material; Efficient and energy-saving in processing in a high quality and speedy packaging fashion; The machine can automatically conduct strap collecting, thermal sealing, cutting and with full automatic stopping operation; Mainly used in packaging and binding of paper cartons, wooden case and paper parcel in sectors of business, postal service, railway, bank, food, medical and publishing. MODEL: GEQ-H Power supply: 220/110V 50Hz 1Ph Power: 0.66kw P...
[Sell] »semi-automatic strapping machine(strapping machine, packing machinery) 2009-01-03 09:12:02
     semi-automatic strapping machine(strapping machine, packing machinery) KZB-I 1) Power supply: 110V/220V 50 -60Hz 2) Power consumption: 0.22kW 3) Working speed: 1.8s/strap 4) Packing size: any size 5) Max. tight force: 35kg 6) Band width: 6 - 15mm 7) Dimensions: 920 x 600 x 860mm 8) Machine weight: 90kg
[Sell] »Luxury horizontal automatic strapping machine(PP-85120) 2009-01-03 09:10:40
     Luxury horizontal automatic strapping machine Serial No.:Luxury horizontal automatic strapping machine Size (LXWXH):1880×600×1200mm Height of Machine Table:450mm Weight:260kgs PPWeight:H9,10,12,15mm     Thickness: 0.51.0mm Baling speed: 2.3sec./time Baling size: SmallW70×H30mm   Big:W600×H45mm Packing strength: Big:80kgs Power supply: 1PH-110V/220V(50/60HZ)     3PH-220V/380V(50/60HZ) Power:  0.85KVA Equipped features: Main parts like motor, PLB control, control button switch, cut...
[Sell] »Manual Sealess steel Strapping Tool A333,strapping machine,packing tool 2009-01-03 09:09:24
     Manual Sealess steel Strapping Tool A333,strapping machine,packing tool 1. Strap width: 12.7- 19mm 2. Strap thickness: 0.38-0.58mm 3. This strapping tool is manual strapping tool, but this strapping tool need no seals when you packing
[Sell] »Semi-Auto Strapping Machine 2009-01-03 09:05:45
     new strapping machine. Japanese technology, Janpese clutch, Taiwain motor. special design, easy maintain and repair,stable quality. strapping tension: 40-400N adjustable strapping speed: 0.53sec./strap strap width: 5-15mm power supply: 110V,220-240V/50-60HZ Power consumption:0.2KVA
[Sell] »Automatic Quantitative Packaging Scale 2009-01-03 08:06:55
     This machine imports the advanced technology of German Harvard Company to accomplish the automatic material packaging control technology. The instrument can count the total packages and clear automatically, with automatic peeling functions of adjustable frequency as well as double-speed feeding functions.
[Sell] »Computer Controlled Large Scale Cutting Machine 2009-01-03 08:05:14
     Applications This machine is mainly used for cutting and rolling of vacuum aluminum plating film, PE protection film, POF film and other roll type of material .This machine is vertical front draw in and back discharge type cutting machine with independent electrical control screen, up &down double shafts double work places roll. Property Characteristics 1.PLC whole machine master control unit. 2.Unrolling magnetic powder brake manual strength control. 3.Unrolling table carrier type photoelectric correction control. 4.Rolling magnetic powder clutch manual strength cont...
[Sell] »Thermoforming machine, vacuum packaging machine, fish scales remover, fish skinning machine, filling 2009-01-03 08:03:53
     Thermoforming machine, vacuum packaging machine, fish scales remover, fish skinning machine, filling and labelling machines,
[Sell] »SMALL PACKING MACHINE 2009-01-03 08:02:21
     Applications This Small Quantitative Package  Scale is suitable for weighing, filling, packaging and conveying materials in small volume. Its popular with customers who are in the flavoring, pesticide and animal medicine industries.   New Technical Density tracking technology, stacking equalization technology.   Main components Storage hopper, feeder, weighing and clamping box, the computer control, and pneumatic actuator.   Technical Parameters 1.Packaging Container: Aluminum foil bag, plastic bag, paper bag, cloth bag, Jar, etc; ...
[Sell] »Scale Packaging Machine 2009-01-03 08:01:30
     Scale Packaging Machine
[Sell] »bag made and filling packaging machine 2009-01-03 07:56:35
     Model DCS-3A+ZL200 DCS-3A+ZL220 Bagging Size L80-250mm;W80-180mm L80-300mm;W80-200mm Packaging Rate 15 60bags/min 15 70bags/min Max Film Width 380mm 420mm Packaging Accuracy ≤±1% ≤±1% Power Supply ...
[Sell] »Auger Type Filling Packaging Machine (Big Package) 2009-01-03 07:53:00
     Auger Type Filling Packaging Machine (Big Package)
[Sell] »STS-01 Auger Type Filling Packaging Machine (Small Package) 2009-01-03 07:51:47
     STS-01 Auger Type Filling Packaging Machine (Small Package)
[Sell] »Hot-melt OPP Labeling Machine 2009-01-03 07:46:14
     Hot-melt OPP Labeling Machine
[Sell] »vacuum scraper concentrator 2009-01-02 07:50:27
     This equipment mainly consist of six parts:concentrator tank,,steam and liquid separator,condenser , liquid recieving tank and scraper agitator Concentrator tank  have two-layers structure,condenser is using pipe type structure.This equipment apply to the low -temp.vacuum concentrator for pharmaceutical ,food ,chemical etc field ,it also can be used to con...
[Sell] »Thermal Refluxing Extraction and Concentration Machine Unit 2009-01-02 07:49:32
     The equipment is designed with advanced technology, united with extractor and outer-circulation evaporator together to proceed extracting and concentrator process at the same in this machine unit, one time production procedure until necessary ratio poultice material be extracted. Reasonable process technology, low energy consumption and great extracting productivity, short production period. It's wildly applied in pharmaceutical,health food industry for extraction and concentration of the herbal,alcohol recovery and etc. Technical Parameter: ...
[Sell] »concentrating machine 2009-01-02 07:48:49
     flotation Machine,Flotation Machine,flotation machinery,concentrator,Flotation cell is widely used in ore concentration .concentrating machine. Flotation Machine Flotation Machine     main technical parameter Type and specification Trough volume of the machine Dia. Of impeller Production capacity m2/msh Revolution of the impeller r/min Scraper revolution r/min XJK-0.13(1A) 0.13 200 ...
[Sell] »Straight Cone Style Extracting Tank(pressure vessel,concentrator machine) 2009-01-02 07:48:06
     The facilities can be used in Chinese medicine,food and chemical industries to press,micro-press,water frying,warm soaking,heat cycling,cycling leaking,redolent oil extract and organically solvent recycle,The facilities have the advantages such as high efficiency and simple operating,Fit out the CIP automation cleaning spray in facilities,insure cleanliness inside out. ...
[Sell] »Vacuum Concentrating Machine 2009-01-02 07:47:18
     Vacuum Concentrating Machine Adopt this machine to processing the candy, syrup,jam for concentration.With large are receiving the heating, high heating efficiency, heat equality, While heating to the certain temperature, the material will go on low  temperature concentration under vacuum condition, that could get rid of the materials moisture to reach the certain thickness. Thus reserve the color and delicious of the material. Use this machine to process, with those advantages: good quality of processing product, high working efficiency and relieve the operators working strength...
[Sell] »Automatic Counting and Filling Machine ( automatic counting and filling , counting machine , filling 2009-01-02 07:28:06
     Applications: 1) This machine is a fully automatic equipment with the combination of tablet counting and bottling functions 2) The best choice for counting of granule-shaped materials, such as tablets, pills and capsules 3) Based on the completely new counting principle "JXA precontrol counting method", the machine adopts the numerical technique cleverly so as to thoroughly solve the accident errors commonly seen in the electronic counting machine, e.g. "door closing error", "overlapping error" 4) A great breakthrough has been made in elec...
[Sell] »Automatic Counting and Filling Machine ( automatic counting and filling , counting machine , filling 2009-01-02 07:26:06
     Automatic Counting and Filling Machine ( automatic counting and filling , counting machine , filling machine ) SD-GS-16  is the product with advanced technology. It is mainly used for the counting and filling of things in medical field and food industry, such as tablets, capsules, pills and chewing gums. The machine adopts multi-tunnel feeding and vibrating style. It can fulfill the automatic counting, scanning, bottle conveying, system self-checking, problem indication, alarm notification and automatic pause.
[Sell] »Electric Counting Machine 2009-01-02 07:25:12
     ITC-12 tablet counting and filling machine adopts advanced vibration and multi-channel feeder, computer control, dynamic scan counting, transfer the bottle automatically, system test automatically. The machine With Error alarm, Stop automatically function and other advanced technology. This machine designed with GMP standard. Compose the light, electric machinery to one set, which is suitable for tablet or capsule counting and filling in pharmaceutical or food business. ITC-12 tablet counting and filling machine adopts advanced vibration and multi-channel feeder, computer control, dynam...
[Sell] »Single Plate Capsule and Tablet Counting Machine (ZN400) 2009-01-02 07:23:54
     tablet counting machine Single Plate Capsule and Tablet Counting Machine (ZN400) Single Plate tablet counting machine (capsule counting also)This machine applied to pharmaceutical. Hospital. Food etc industries, to the capsule, tablet. Grain etc pharmacy or food counting. Whole machine made by stainlesssteel. The cubage is small, weight is light. Counting is accurate. Operationis freely. Is the perfect machine to relate industry bottle packing. Bag packing can packing etc. 1. Counting plate diameter: 400mm2. Hole quantity of the plate: 5-100(optional)3. Product capacity: 12-26 bo...
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