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[Sell] »metal bins/storage bins/trash bins/metal container 2008-12-31 07:35:52
     metal bins, storage bins, dustbins, trash cans, storage cube, storage container 200130Z Dia:10 H:9 cm 0.5L 200530Z Dia:15 H:17 cm 3L 200830Z Dia:23 H:26 cm 7L 200230Z Dia:27 H:32 cm 14L 200330Z Dia:31 H:35 cm 18L 200430Z Dia:37 H:41 cm 35L 200635Z Dia:42 H:49 cm 62L 200740Z Dia:47 H:58 cm 79L
[Sell] »storage rack, trolley, wire rack 2008-12-31 07:34:56
     Storage cage: Material:mild steel Size:980x650x860mm Treatment:powder coating other surface finish is available with 2"casters Our factory is professional in Display Rack, Metal Rack, Roll Container, Roll Cage, Storage Rack, Display Shelf, Display Stand, Display Fixture, Display Equipment, Display System, metal Display, Store fixture , Wire Display, DisplayFixture, display system, Logistic Equipment for more than ten years.
[Sell] »Roll container 2008-12-31 07:34:13
     Being an industrial group offering top quality metal products to worldwide clients, Cowin Global highly emphasises the quality of the surface treatment in its total quality philosophy. This has led us to develop our own dedicated surface treatment line since 2005. Specialising first in Zinc and Zinc Alloy Plating for the logistics equipment, automotive and fasteners industries, our over 5, 000 m2 facilities are one of the largest and most modern in Northern China. Establishing a surface treatment facility is a complicated and challenging project in which we have devoted the best resour...
[Sell] »Foldable Heavy Duty Mesh Containers 2008-12-31 07:32:59
     Heavy Duty Mesh Container Features: 1. Heavy Duty Mesh Containers are made of steel plate, steel wire and angle steel. It is foldable and stackable for transportation and storage cost saving. 2. Colorful powder coating treatment for chassis and stand bars, zinc plating or galvanization for the mesh make the European heavy duty mesh container good-looking and durable. 3. Big volume, robust structure and high loading capacity, fit for placing heavy goods. 4. Four accesses to the bottom for forklift trucks or pallet handling requirements for easy move and front drop gate for easy...
[Sell] »Wire Mesh Containers 2008-12-31 07:32:14
     The same specification, fixed volume, clear placement, and convenient for checking the amount. - Able to be conveyed by pallet vehicles, forklift, elevator and crane, four layers may be stacked. - Easy operation, wide use and long service life. - Welded by strong steel bar, â��Uâ�� shaped channel steel is used at the bottom to increase the solidity. - Able to be used in the logistics circles, such as transportation, assembly and disassembly, and storage, by integrating transportation equipments. - Cardboard can be equipped in the basket to protect the surface ...
[Sell] »concrete cooling system 2008-12-31 07:23:52
     What does a concrete cooling system look like? In general each concrete cooling system for dam construction and for mass concrete consists of the following components: • Water Chilling Plant for the total amount of mixing water • Cold Water Tank with Pumping Station • Flake Ice Plant • Flake Ice Storage with fully-automatic Ice Rake and Discharge System • Flake Ice Delivery • Flake Ice Weighing • Aggregate Cooling System • Post-Cooling of the concrete Of course, there are always different options available for each compo...
[Sell] »Water and Air Cooling Laminator 2008-12-31 07:23:01
     his machine is a refined air and water cooling laminator. Heating, stable temperature keeping and cooling are automatically controlled by the digital meter. You could add pressure through the handle wheel directly. High-quality heating and cooling elements make both heating up and cooling down well distributed. So it also well uesd for laminating non-contact IC & ID cards. Laminating Size: A4 Pressing Method: Handle wheel Cooling Method: Water and air cooling Laminating Layers: 1~10layers Power: AC220V 50Hz Net Weight: 110kg Demension: 750mm*470mm*700mm
[Sell] »PE/PP Two-Stage Water Cooling Recycling Machine 2008-12-31 07:21:49
     Characteristics: The line is used for recycling waste material such as PE, PP. It is featured of water cooling mode and by cold cutting. The line is running in full automatic with two stages. Features: .Two stage structure .Non-Stop hydraulic screen changer .Gas disfication device
[Sell] »Meat Mincing Machines With Cooling Agent 2008-12-31 07:20:50
     Mincing Machines With Cooling Agent     - 700 kg/hour capacity - 2,2 KW 1400 rpm motor property - Chrome helix, neck and neck nut - Digital Cooling adjustment system - Complete stainless body             ...
[Sell] »Potato Peeling Machines 2008-12-31 07:17:34
     Potato Peeling Machines     PS.05 - PS.06 - 10 kg capacity at once - 0,55 KW - 900 rpm. motor property - 40x38 cm boiler size - Stainless steel body - Long life and powerful energy - On/Off button and control panel with timer PS.05: 220 V PS.06: 380 V PS.07 - PS.08 - 20 kg capacity at once ...
[Sell] »Machines Of Semolina Doughnut In Syrup & Meatball 2008-12-31 07:16:35
     Detailed Product Description     Machines of Semolina Doughnut In Syrup & Meatball   - 5 Kg/time or 10 kg/time capacity - 0,37 KW - 1400 rpm. - 220 V / 380 V motor property - 6-7 minutes duration of pressing
[Sell] »Vegetable Choppers 2008-12-31 07:15:33
     Detailed Product Description - In 300 kg/hour capacity - 0,37 KW 2800 rpm - 220 V motor property     Code Description Dimensions (cm) Weight (kg) Capacity SD.02 Set Top Vegetable Choppers (220 V) ...
[Sell] »Vegetable Choppers 2008-12-31 07:14:37
     In 300 kg/hour capacity - 0,37 KW 1400 rpm - 220 V / 380 V motor property - Safety micro switch - Stainless body and stand SD.04: 220 V - SD.05: 380 V SD.04Y: 220 V - SD.05Y: 380 V   Completely Stainless Steel         ...
[Sell] »Vegetable Choppers 2008-12-31 07:13:25
     In 300 kg/hour capacity - 0,75 KW 1400 rpm - 220 V motor property - Aluminium injection pressure discs - Security switch when lifting the push lever and/or when the cover closed - Stainless bottom easel.   Code Description Dimensions (cm) Weight (kg) Capacity EMP.300 Vegetable Chopper 27x51,5x53,5 23 300 kg/hour   ...
[Sell] »Grinding Element 2008-12-31 07:11:47
     Detailed Product Description     Grinding Elements     - 800 gr/times capacity - 300 - 500 W - 9000 rpm - 220 V motor property - Bowl with 24 cm diameter and 11 cm depth - Safety micro switch - Stainless body and boiler   Completely Stainless Steel       ...
[Sell] »Extracting Machine &Packing herb decocting Machine 2008-12-31 07:05:56
     2 Extraction cylinders +1 Packing machine - Large capacity of extraction - Extraction cylinders are operated at the same time - Customized packing volume control : 70 - 230ml - Capacity of extraction cylinder : 15,000ml X 2 - Power : 2.225Kw x 2
[Sell] »Orange Extracting Machines 2008-12-31 07:05:11
     Detailed Product Description Mechanical Orange Extracting Machines (having sleeves)
[Sell] »Orange Extracting Machines 2008-12-31 07:03:09
     Orange Extracting Machines (With Motor Driven)   Code: PR.01 - 16,5x11,5 cm saucepan - 185-200 W rpm - 220 V motor property
[Sell] »Outer Extracting & Inflating Vacuum Packager 2008-12-31 07:02:23
     Product Description: Scope of Application: Applicable to the vacuum package of various electronic products (semiconductor, circuit board, IC and so on) and metal hardware to be protected from dampness、moisture and oxidation resistance. Applicable to the vacuum package of fabric、cotton、wool goods to reduce the package volume and save logistics cost. Suitable for the vacuum package of seafood, tea, fruit, saline food, legume food and so on, to protect from deterioration and prolong the warranty. Or inflate into nitrogen and carbon to k...
[Sell] »Orange Extracting Machines 2008-12-31 07:01:21
     utomatic Orange Extracting Machines     - 0,25 KW - 1500 rpm. motor force group - Monophasic, 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz. voltage - Automatic disconnection swiches - 60-85 mm diameter of oranges - 18 kg of oranges feeder capacity - 64 kg weight - Standard stainless steel cabinet - Stainless steel body
[Sell] »Spiral Mixer 2008-12-31 06:52:52
     1. Automatic touchable computer control panel, manual or automatic control available. Operation is simple and easy. 2. The framework of main body is made of high-quality steel, steady and long-time life 
[Sell] »Mixing Mill 2008-12-31 06:52:02
     The machine main uses are following in rubber product factory: Natural rubber refining, raw rubber and compound mixing. Rubber beating mixing and rubber tab letting. This machine is double roller opening to be used for rubber mixing. It consists of seat, Frame, Rubber, Driving device, Lubricator and cooler, range adjusting device of roller. Safety brake. Motor and reducer, etc. the roller is made from safety cooled and hard cast steel, smooth surface is polished. in term of different case. Saturated steam and cooling water can be inputted in the empty roller to adjust speed of roller....
[Sell] »Planetary Mixer 2008-12-31 06:34:29
     Detailed Product Description APM-ABT Type Planetary machines designed for bakery, pastry, hotels, hospitals, kitchens and restaurants. Planetary system. Sultable choice with 3 different tools. In proper speeds, mixing in egual times. Type (Kg) Aparat ...
[Sell] »Dough Kneader-Mixers 2008-12-31 06:32:30
     AKM-T Type kneader-mixers designed for bakery, pastry, kitchens, pizzeria. With special arm design, homogeneous and quality mixing. Mixing without overheating. Strong, reliable, lasting system. The bowl is positioned for easily reaching the dough by the user. Proper mixing in meat sorts.
[Sell] »Spiral Mixer 2008-12-31 06:31:13
     ASM Type Spiral Dough Kneader Machines designed for bakery, pastry, kitchens and pizzarias. Motorized bowl which is aesthetic in use is used for making special bread, pastry and pizzeria. Fast dough kneading. Dough kneading of good quality for every guantity. Kneading without overheating. The bowl is positioned for easily reaching the dough by the user.
[Sell] »Electrical And Gas Ranges With Oven And Cupboard 2008-12-31 06:27:59
     Detailed Product Description Gas Ranges with Cupboard   - It can be operated with Lpg and Ng gas. - Durable easy to clean and hygenic because of the stainless steel construction - Through magnet ventil gas valves provides usage safety in case of flame failure that cut off the gas flow - The gas valve of oven is thermostatic adjustable - The gas burners provides a high burning fertility through primary and secondary burning and is proper to t...
[Sell] »Rototherm Bakery OvenDetailed Product Description 2008-12-31 06:26:29
     Detailed Product Description ROTOTHERM OVEN ADF-150 Thanks to our newly developed combustion chamber technology, our ovens are more effective than tranditional ovens. This helps the users to cut costs of energy. New built-in steam unit obtains homogen damping on every racks. This ensures more uniform baking with lower energy consumption and the compact design helps easy installation. Our ovens are being produced with side burner which is suitable for long, narrow rooms and in extra compact dimensions. Therefore our rotary owens are ideal for installation in any breat ...
[Sell] »Pans, Trays And Trolleys For OvensDetailed Product Description 2008-12-31 06:25:13
     Detailed Product Description Pans, Trays and Trolleys for Ovens. Many different types are available. For full list and prices please contact us and also check our bakery ovens.
[Sell] »Mini Convection Oven 2008-12-31 06:24:08
     MINI CONVECTION OVEN APF-50 The oven is particularly suitable for baking of baking pastry, bakery products, gastronomy products and bread. It is useful for confectioners, restaurants and hotels. Heat disribution on the product is is obtained through the forced circulation of heated air by means of two fans. Under the oven there is a fermentation cabinet which is suitable for developing the doughs, mini oven EN 4060 has a very good uniformity of baking and steamer placed inside the baking chamber. Good insulation helps less energy comsumption. Electrical or gas typ...
[Sell] »Multideck Bakery Oven 2008-12-31 06:22:13
     Detailed Product Description MULTI-DECK OVEN (MATADOR) AKF-100 Our multi-deck ovens which are equipped with specially designed heat circulation system and high quality flooring stones give us proud and make the users trustfull. ASL multideck ovens are equipped with specially desingned head resistive stone floors and heat cirrulation system. This system supplies an absolutely uniform disribution of heat in the oven and excellent baking result. Each deck of oven has a powerfull steam device which enables the desired amount of steam at any time. The steaming device can be in...
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