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Transportation or Storage Equipment
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  Transportation or Storage Equipment  
  stock [2011-10-06 10:32:01]
  /custom design /die cut making /color printing /the more you order, the lower price you can get.   In addition ...
Copmany:Nanjing Luqint Packing Co.,Ltd. []
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  Flexitank [2011-10-06 10:16:40]
Flexitanks used for storage and transport of non-hazardous bulk liquids, including food and chemical grade. Specification fol...
Copmany:Zibo Anthente Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd []
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  Vibrating Screw Feeding Machine [2011-10-06 09:58:45]
This Vibrating Screw Charging Machine can convey sorts of material. Combined with the package-machine of our company, it can do ma...
Copmany:Shanghai Doxning Labels & Accessories Co.,Ltd []
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Vibrating Screw Feeding Machine
  Disposable Tray(HHW-12A) [2011-09-30 09:54:15]
Disposable&biodegradable; Material of GMO-free corn starch; Eco-friendly, Green, Harm...
Copmany:Dongguan Hengjin Packaging Products Co.,Ltd []
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Disposable Tray(HHW-12A)
  FlexiTank [2011-09-30 09:51:26]
We Supply FlexiTank for food grade liquid.. FlexiTank range from 16000 Ltrs to 24000 Ltrs Used for Packing of 1. Ethanol 2. S...
Copmany:Master Traders (Phalia) []
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  KA board [2011-09-27 01:17:34]
Copmany:Shenzhen Colorsun Digital Technology Co., Ltd. []
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KA board
  steel pallet [2011-09-26 09:35:43]
  Dear sir we provide steel pallets as the picture. It applies to transportation on the port for loading or discharging cargo...
Copmany:Qingdao Heying Gift Packaging Co,.Ltd []
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steel pallet
  pallet [2011-09-23 06:58:59]
Copmany:DaLian Litainer Logistic Equipment Co.,Ltd []
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  fastback conveyor [2011-09-23 06:39:37]
TECHNICAL DATA type YTD-K1800 spout length Optional: 1800-3500mm spout width 410 mm spout height ...
Copmany:foshan shunde heat treatment co.,ltd []
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fastback conveyor
  Storage Box [2011-09-21 07:50:48]
Storage box is made of FRP(Fiberglass-Feinforced Plastics) material ,it is very popular in banking system in Japan . the outstandi...
Copmany:Xiamen Jing Yuan Can Industrial And Trading CO., LTD. []
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Storage  Box
  Molded Pulp Wine Tray [2011-09-21 07:41:27]
3 Bottle Wine Shipper is designed to be a stack/nestable tray.  3 bottles will fit in each tray. Trays stack with tray above...
Copmany:Wei Hai Paper&Plastics Co., Ltd []
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Molded Pulp Wine Tray
  Blister Tray [2011-09-21 07:06:24]
Copmany:Shanghai HuiChi Packing Machinery CO.,LTD. []
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Blister Tray
  Travel Case [2011-09-21 06:52:12]
Yongkang Baisite Metalwork Co.,Ltd. is a productive enterprise which is specialized in manufacturing various kinds of stainless st...
Copmany:Yongkang Baisite Metalwork Co.,Ltd. []
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Travel Case
  Pallet collars [2011-09-21 06:38:00]
Pallet collars size 1200*800*200mm made of Chinese pine wood Humidity:12 degree IPPC  stamp
Copmany:Wilong Industries Co., Ltd []
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Pallet collars
  4U rack case [2011-09-21 06:03:08]
Copmany:Advance Flight Case Enterprises Ltd. []
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4U rack case
  Storage boxes, Storage cases, Custom boxes [2011-09-21 05:40:36]
You can think of different ideas for custom sized storage boxes and cases to cope with your demand. Above is a compact disk stora...
Copmany:W. JANES (W.JANES) []
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Storage boxes, Storage cases, Custom boxes
  wood case [2011-09-21 05:37:53]
All of our products have been properly treated and strictly sterilized, with the pathogens therein exterminated, and wildly used i...
Copmany:Foshan Shengbai Colour Printing Co., Ltd []
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wood case
  Fumigation-free pallet boxes [2011-09-21 05:33:50]
Copmany:Zhongshan Hongfang Printing Co.,Ltd []
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Fumigation-free pallet boxes
  Electronic Component Packing Tray [2011-09-16 08:58:30]
We can design the custom trays based on your product layout or your drawing. Unique designs to meet your needs.
Copmany:Shenzhen great card Co., Ltd. []
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Electronic Component Packing Tray
  Shenzhen tray, shenzhen mold& plastic factory direct sale [2011-09-16 08:46:04]
Guangzhou force Yang plastic tray Co., LTD Our company is specialized in producing plastic tray and trash production enterprises...
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Shenzhen tray, shenzhen mold& plastic factory direct sale
  Turntable cases [2011-09-15 09:30:05]
CASE FOR 4 X EASYMOVE XS robust, capable road case for safe transport suitable for 4 Easymove Specifications robust, road c...
Copmany:China Infinity Truss & Stage Co.,Ltd []
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Turntable cases
  plastic insert tray [2011-09-15 08:39:57]
  1,Wide variety of blister packaging suitable for various products is available 2,PVC, PET, PP, PS materials are ava...
Copmany:Shantou Shengtong Printing Factory []
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plastic insert tray
  cable index plate [2011-09-15 08:38:21]
Main service: Dining-table Mat, Glass Mat, Mouse Mat,PPcolor front cover , PP sack ,PP bookmark,PP/PVC box ,PP bookmark,PP elevato...
Copmany:Cameda Printing Factory []
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cable index plate
  PALLTS [2011-09-14 09:30:12]
Copmany:foshan shunde heat treatment co.,ltd []
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  Transparent box [2011-09-14 08:56:17]
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Transparent box
  Plastic pallet-single face pallet [2011-09-14 08:37:25]
Plastic pallet---single face palletItem No.      dimenstion(mm)   Material  Dynamic load (...
Copmany:Linyi Shuanglong Plastic Co.Ltd []
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Plastic pallet-single face pallet
  display&trays [2011-09-14 08:27:46]
Copmany:Dongguan Rui-feng Yuan Packaging MFG.CO,LTD. []
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  Flexible Tank [2011-05-04 13:21:29]
Description BLT is the To...
Copmany:Qingdao BLT Container Packing Material Co., Ltd. [China]
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Flexible Tank
  Flexibag / Flexitank [2011-05-04 13:21:25]
Brand Name : MT ...
Copmany:Qingdao MULTI-TANK Flexitank Co.,Ltd [China]
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Flexibag / Flexitank
  Flexitank for Cooking Oil [2011-05-04 11:21:18]
Brand Name : SAFT ...
Copmany:Qingdao SAFT Package Co., Ltd [China]
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Flexitank for Cooking Oil
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