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Packaging Tools
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  Packaging Tools  
  3 Ply Inner wrap tape [2011-09-16 08:56:22]
1.      Name: 3-Ply anti corrosion tape 2.      Material: It ...
Copmany:Jining Xunda Pipe Coating Material Co.,Ltd []
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3 Ply Inner wrap tape
  Pneumatic strapping tool [2011-09-16 08:45:56]
  Pneumatic hot-melting tool   Characteristics: Dimension L245×W125×H125mm Tension 0 ...
Copmany: Suzhou Inxuan Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. []
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Pneumatic strapping tool
  BOPP packing tape [2011-09-16 08:44:42]
BOPP packing tape Key words: packing tape, transparent tape, BOPP gummed tape BOPP packing tape is made of the substrate...
Copmany:Shanghai LiHong Packaging Co., Ltd []
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BOPP packing tape
  TAG GUN [2011-09-15 09:21:39]
Best quality tagging guns, standard, fine, standard long, heavy duty. All tagging needles -including special needle.
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  OPP PACKING TAPE [2011-09-15 09:07:32]
Copmany:Ossen Enterprise Co.,Ltd. []
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  DPE Resealable Sealing Tape [2011-09-15 08:46:26]
Copmany:Shang Hai Qi Chang Tape Co.,Ltd []
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DPE Resealable Sealing Tape
  Cable Tie [2011-09-15 08:45:03]
Wide±0.1    H±0.05 O.D. Pull 2.2 0.8-1.3 0.35~1.0 6-8KG 2.3 0.8-1.3 0.35~1.0 6-8KG 2.5...
Copmany:An Tai Platic packing []
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Cable Tie
  Tungten Steel Alloy Blade [2011-09-15 08:35:12]
sharp, high efficiency and long serve life
Copmany:Yantai Kelly Cutting tools Factory []
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Tungten Steel Alloy Blade
  masking tape [2011-09-14 09:34:31]
25mmx 50 m  80---100pc/ctn     36 mmx 50 m  60pc/ctn     38mmx 55m  blue   60p...
Copmany:Shanghai HuiChi Packing Machinery CO.,LTD. []
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masking tape
  Lift-down type slitter scorer [2011-09-14 09:28:39]
1. Slitting part: adopt high quality tungsten steel blade, sharp and long work-life, slice tidier, non-pressing and non-burr. 2....
Copmany:Dongguang county chendong carton packaging machinery company []
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Lift-down type slitter scorer
  masking tape [2011-09-14 09:15:24]
ShenZhen Dotpack Adhesive Technology Co.,Ltd supply series category adhesive tape in full range:Double sided tape,protective film,...
Copmany:Dotpack Bond-Tech Co.,Ltd []
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masking tape
  Yellowish brown rubber sealing [2011-09-14 08:52:21]
Copmany:Shenzhen Colorsun Digital Technology Co., Ltd. []
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Yellowish brown rubber sealing
  cotton thread [2011-09-14 08:38:49]
White or Double Colored Cotton twine,Cotton Thread.2/3/4/6 ply twisted.100g/spool,about 120 meters.160 spools in 1 carton
Copmany:Laizhou Huanqiu Rope & Belt Factory []
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cotton thread
  Polyimide Tape [2011-09-14 08:25:47]
Polyimide film tape coated by silicone adhesive, which can protect gold contacts of PCB during wave soldering process and hot ...
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Polyimide Tape
  Bopp Packing Tape [2011-09-13 08:57:07]
  1.BOPP Packing Tape 2.Thickness: 40-60mic 3.Material: BOPP film, water-based acrylic adhesive and ink. 4.Features:...
Copmany:Qingdao Jinhaina Trade Co.,Ltd []
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Bopp Packing Tape
  Packing tape [2011-09-13 08:10:57]
Crystal Packing Tape Base Materials: Crystal OPP Film; Glue: Water Base; Thickness: 36um ~ 60um; Width: 48mm; Length: 20y ~ 2...
Copmany:Shantou Huaxing Adhesvie Products Co.,Ltd. []
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Packing tape
  stationery tape [2011-09-09 09:19:22]
Stationery tapeIt utilizes BOPP as the backing material coated with acrylic adhesive.This kind of tape is ideal for schook and off...
Copmany:DongGuan Golden Harvest Machinery Co.,Ltd []
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stationery tape
  Bopp packing tape [2011-09-09 09:15:14]
WBPPSA(water-based pressure sensitive adhesive)OPP PACKING TAPE is made from BOPP(biaxial oriented polypropylene )film coated with...
Copmany:DongGuan Golden Harvest Machinery Co.,Ltd []
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Bopp packing tape
  Cutting Tables for packaging professionals [2011-09-09 09:14:23]
   The Producer3 die-less cutting and creasing tables deliver record-breaking productivity and versatility, resulting ...
Copmany:Beijing Hoyu Technology Development Co., Ltd []
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Cutting Tables for packaging professionals
  barbed wire [2011-09-09 09:12:19]
Barbed wire fences come from a variety of materials: Electro galvanized iron wire, hot-dip galvanized iron wire and PVC coated ir...
Copmany:Hebei Anping Xin Mengda Metal Wire Mesh Products Co.,Ltd. []
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barbed wire
  electrical tape [2011-09-09 08:36:20]
The ordinary standard of our products are bellowing: Thickness:0.12mm~0.25mm Width:10mm~1.25m Length:5Y~125m Qual...
Copmany:Ningbo Dongfang Adhesive Products Co.,Ltd []
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electrical tape
  MASKING TAPE [2011-09-09 08:23:13]
  Masking tape is based on high-grade crepe paper. 1)Features: Smooth surface, good adhesive strength. High viscosity gra...
Copmany:Fujian Youyi Adhesive Tape Products Co.,Ltd []
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  PET STRAPPING [2011-09-09 08:22:15]
Copmany:Shanghai Axin Technology Development Group CO., LTD []
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  nylon cable tie [2011-09-09 08:21:35]
Material: Nylon 66, 94V-2 certificated by UL. Heat-resisting, erosion control, insulate well and not apt to age. Color: Natur...
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nylon cable tie
  PVC Marking Tape [2011-09-09 08:17:16]
PVC Marking Tape [so much] [China]   Posted Date: August 01, 2008   Free Memb...
Copmany:Beijing Huaxia Yongle Adhesive Tape CO., Ltd []
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PVC Marking Tape
  Packing Tape [2011-09-09 08:07:10]
Professional factory for the production of transparent tape. Mini tape. Stealth tape. Stationery tape. Electrician plastic. Laser ...
Copmany:Yiwu Adhesive Products Co., Ltd []
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Packing Tape
  twist ties [2011-09-09 07:53:00]
We are a leading manufacturer of twist ties in China,. Mian products include: PE twist ties, paper twist ties, PET twist ties, pap...
Copmany:zhenjiang hongda commodity co., ltd []
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twist ties
  cable tie,terminal,cable clip [2011-09-09 07:50:57]
Copmany:Zhejiang JiaHua Electric Co.,Ltd. []
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cable tie,terminal,cable clip
  PET STRAPS [2011-09-09 07:23:09]
Save money by 50%       Good Economic Benefit: The density of the PET plastic steel tape is be...
Copmany:Qing Dao Saider Packing Material Co.,Ltd []
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  Self-locking Nylon Cable Ties [2011-09-09 06:57:41]
Material: Nylon 66,94V-2 certified by UL.Heat and erosion resistant,isnulating,durable and not apt to age. Operation Temperature:...
Copmany:Zhe jiang Yatai plastic making Co,LTD., []
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Self-locking Nylon Cable Ties
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