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Reusable PET jar for skin balm

From: Packaging World

Family-run skincare specialist Chuckling Goat of the UK is using the 125-mL PET Clip Jar for its new Super Sensitive Skin Balm, benefitting from the jar’s combination of aesthetic appeal and practicality.

PET Clip Jar is just the thing for skin balm.

The container is from RPC Bramlage Warszawa, and is part of the firm’s standard range, which is available in four sizes – 50-, 125-, 200- and 350-mL. The Clip Jar is a reliable and cost-effective solution that attractively echoes the look of a traditional glass storage jar.

The clear PET allows the natural colour of the balm to stand out, contributing to an attractive appearance on-shelf that is further enhanced by the jar’s distinctive design and large labeling area on the lid.

The metal clasp provides a hermetic seal to ensure product freshness, while the jar is also lightweight, easy to handle and shatterproof, offering both ease of use and safety. In addition, customers can reuse the jar once empty.

“The new Clip Jar looks great and has terrific usability benefits,” comments Shann Jones, Director, Chuckling Goat.Based in Ceredigion, Wales, Chuckling Goat specialises in goats’ milk kefir and other products that treat skin conditions. Its Super Sensitive Skin Balm is an all-natural, handmade remedy, designed to nurture delicate and painful skin.

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