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SICK TriSpector P1000 3D camera gives robots a ‘gentler touch’

From: Packaging News

SICK has launched a fully-programmable 3D vision camera to enable reliable, continuous in-line product detection.

The TrispectorP1000 can be easily customised for robotic belt picking applications for the packaging industry.

It uses height-based profiling of products on moving packaging lines to ensure gentle and efficient robot picking whatever the shape or colour of the pack design, and even where there is minimal contrast or colour difference between the product and the belt background.

As a compact, stand-alone, programmable 3D camera, SICK TriSpector P1000 combines imaging, lighting and analysis in one device to facilitate on-board evaluation and processing of dimension, volume and true shape data in mm.

Neil Sandhu SICK UK’s national product manager for imaging, measurement and ranging explains: “The SICK TriSpector P1000 vision camera helps to ensure gentler product handling and efficient continuous operation, because it accurately measures real height as well as true shape. This ability controls the Z axis more accurately, meaning that awkward shapes are not in danger of being broken or knocked over during picking.

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